WFP welcomes swift response from Japan to earthquake

WFP has welcomed a swift contribution from the Government of Japan of US$2.5 million to the agency’s emergency operation for those hit by the South Asia earthquake.

Japan was one of the first countries to donate to WFP’s relief effort, confirming its contribution just one week after WFP sought emergency aid as part of the UN’s overall flash appeal.

To date WFP has received US$10.6 million of the US$ 88 million it requires.

Food and shelter

“Survivors of the earthquake have said they need two things: food and shelter. Japan’s rapid response will help us deliver food to them immediately,” said Jean-Jacques Graisse, WFP’s Senior Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Operations.

Japan’s donation will be used to purchase high-energy biscuits, which are ready to eat – essential when people have no kitchens or stoves on which to cook.

WFP plans to provide food aid to one million of the people most severely affected by the earthquake for the next six months.

Biscuits and dates

Food which does not require cooking, such as biscuits and dates, will be provided in the first month, and a more complete ration of cereals, pulses and oil for the remaining five months.

As the lead agency for logistics, WFP is identifying the fastest way to reach earthquake survivors, many of whom are located in remote, mountainous areas. Helicopters and trucks are being deployed to reach towns and villages cut-off by landslides.