Women- Anonymous Heroes That Strengthen The School Feeding Program

Preparing the school feeding is an activity that is done every day in more than 20 thousand schools in Honduras, being a very important work because it ensures the attendance and improves concentration of children attending the public schools.

"We have a calendar where all mothers prepare the meal once a week; we do it by grades and cook for all school children. I am very proud to be part of this committee; we come very early to the school kitchen to prepare the food, it is very nice to see the children awaiting the time when they receive their meal; many of them come from far away communities with nothing in their stomachs “said Doris.

“Without the support of mothers the school feeding program would not be possible; the mother day by day came to the school and cook the meal for all the children, they had the commitment and dedication, that’s why the program is very successful in our school” said Otilia Padilla – Principal, Max Martinez Zelaya School.

Doris usually works at home helping with the financial situation making pottery, generating if she had good sales during the month incomes for her family of 30-45 dollars. Her husband works in construction and has a sporadic income, when he finds a job.  "The School Feeding Program is a great help for the family budget, because when our children receive this meal we can save money and learn better if they are well feed.  Without this food at school, the situation in our home would be more complicated “.

DorisDolores and another mother cooking meals like more than 30 thousand mothers has been trained with nutritional recipes adapted to local taste and cooking habits to strengthen the School Feeding Program; they are always ready to change the future of their children.  

The School Feeding Program is supported by the Government of Honduras and guarantees a meal a day to more than 1.4 million children.