Yemen: Displaced Women Fearful Of Return Home

At least 250,000 people fled their homes during the recent conflict in northern Yemen. Many are now in WFP-supported camps such as Al Mazraq, where despite the ceasefire they are too scared to return home. Two women in the camp told WFP’s Abeer Etefa their stories. Video

AL MAZRAQ – Aisha and Mariam both arrived in the Al Mazraq camp in the northern Hajjah region about six months ago, forced to flee their homes in the nearby Malaheet area because of intense fighting.

Aisha, who was pregnant when she stumbled into the camp with her six children, now has a young baby to care for as well. She is frightened to go home just yet and monitors news about the ceasefire carefully. Mariam says she has nowhere to take her five children now because her home was destroyed.

There is a ray of hope for Aisha and Mariam and many other internally displaced people now as the government in March allowed WFP and other UN relief agencies to return to the Sa’ada area.

The presence of the UN in Sa’ada town should mean an increased capacity to support displaced people, including those attempting a return home. WFP hopes it can reach more hungry people and so help them rebuild their lives.

But even this hopeful prospect is thrown into doubt by low funding for WFP’s Yemen operations.