Christina Aguilera Fights Hunger

Fans gathered in New York for WFP Ambassador's performance of the Today Show to promote the release of her new album. WFP staff couldn't miss this opportunity to show support for the singer's fight against hunger.

From the intern desk – Diyana

June 9, 2010 - New York

Among our high-profile partners is five-time Grammy winning singer Christina Aguilera, who became a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger last month. Christina has long been a champion against global hunger, previously contributing to the work of WFP through visits to Haiti and Guatemala.

This month, her travels brought her to our neighborhood in New York City to promote her new album, Bionic, on the nationally broadcast morning TV program, the “Today Show”.
christina aguilera performing
To show our support and solidarity with Christina, four of my colleagues and I met at Rockefeller Center at 4am for the taping of the show, which would air live from 7am to 9am. We donned WFP hats and t-shirts, and brought along a large poster, “Help Christina Fight Hunger”. Our hope was to raise awareness of Christina’s work with WFP to the Today Show’s 5 million daily viewers. We also hoped to create interest in WFP’s broader mission.

Christina’s fan base is huge! We thought that arriving before sunrise would be early enough to get to the front of the audience line. Luckily, we were able to snag prime spots in the middle of the crowd, close to the stage. The mini concert roused the crowd to move to the beats of her latest singles and two of her classic songs. We held our poster throughout the live taping, optimistically following any visible camera.

Hopefully, some of those millions of viewers who tuned in will join us in our fight against global hunger.

For more information about Christina’s work with WFP, please visit

Diyana Ishak
Public Information Intern

Diyana was raised in Singapore, London and New York. She loves traveling, writing and fighting hunger.