Fighting Hunger - online

 Ever wondered what you can do to fight hunger? Just how many people in the world suffer from hunger? Where can I found out about hunger, and what I can do about it? 

With more than a billion people hungry in the world - it's time the online billion stepped up to help. Share the videos below and help us get the word out. We have a perfect opportunity to make a difference, and guess what? It's not difficult, or expensive. 

Fighting world hunger is not an impossible task - really... Don't believe me? Then take a look at how much it would cost to feed every one of the 66 million children who go to school hungry every day: Sean Penn explains "The Human Rescue Plan."


Still not convinced? Then see what a group of students achieved in just three days - school meals for 5,000 children: Filling the cup - London School of Economics style.


So - what can you do? 

1. Get informed - Students or Teachers, you'll find what you need.

2. Take action - Join thousands of Students Helping Haiti from every continent.

3. Let the world know - Who doesn't have a facebook account these days? Put yours to good use.

4. Give a Mother's day card with a difference - Help a Mother to feed her child this Mother's Day.

Still short of ideas? Then go to - we have plenty for you to do... Fighting world hunger starts with a mouse click...