FreeRice 2.0 Beta is live!

 The internet phenomenon, FreeRice, has gone social! Try it at 

Building on the amazing success of FreeRice, we’ve enhanced the functionality to include individual and group log-ons, and the possibility of sharing your prowess with Facebook friends.

FreeRice competitions have never been easier to create and run – the new version tracks the totals of rice earned by players, and achievements can be posted out to Facebook and Twitter accounts with one click!

Since its release in 2007, players have raised enough rice to feed 4.2 million people for a day! And the best bit about it is – It’s completely free! Not only can you improve your mind in English vocabulary, grammar, mathematics, geography, art, foreign languages and science – but you can be sure that you are making a difference to lives the world over.

The rice generated by FreeRice users is allocated by WFP to areas of greatest need – and currently, the people affected by the flooding in Pakistan are top of the list…

So – what are you waiting for? Log in to via facebook or email, and start spreading the word.

The definition of awesome? FreeRice – changing the world with a mouse-click…

To find out more about where the rice from FreeRice has gone – click here.