Get Social with World Food Programme

Social Networking - staying connected and sharing information via facebook, twitter and all the rest is fun - and more and more of us are doing it... But it's also a great way to let people know what you think are the important issues in the world...

This week, World Food Programme's facebook page passed the 10,000 fan mark!

Regularly updated with news, videos, and links to inform WFP's facebook fans about hunger and global issues, there's always something new to discover. So join us on facebook - spread the word - get involved!

You can also follow us on Twitter. News, views, and stories from WFP tweeted out daily to twitterers around the world. Don't know about Twitter yet? You should - it's a great, and above all easy way to let people know what you're doing - and more importantly, what you think they should know about... Get a Twitter account here.

Fan of  YouTube? Wfp's YouTube channel is a place where you can find a cross section of Public Service Announcements, video stories, and generally cool videos...

You can also help directly by getting involved with WFP on SocialVibe. Spread the word. Not heard of SocialVibe? Learn more here and get a free account.

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