The Horn of Africa - A look at the current situation

What's going on in this ethnically rich and culturally vibrant region of the world known as the cradle of humanity?  Why are 16 million people in need of emergency assistance this year?  And, what is WFP doing to change the situation on the ground?

With the newly released multimedia presentation, The Horn of Africa: A look at the current situation,  you will learn about the history of the region, examine causes of the crisis, look at the impact the current situation on the people, and see how WFP is responding.

Yes; the situation is

Yes; the situation is precarious but it can still be turned around with resolve. Because the clan leaders and the population are clear when it comes to Al Shabaab and the foreign fighters.

Sad sad state of affairs over

Sad sad state of affairs over there. Our company Apex Professionals is doing everything we can to help these folks over in africa. Just recently we were able to get a well dug in Zambia. We are always looking for more ways to help out. If you know of anything please let us know!

Mulubrhan Abera - your comment

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Thank you for your comment. World Food Programme is an operational organization, and as such does not sponsor research papers of this nature.

It may be worth contacting the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as Food Security at the household level is very much within their remit.

Thank you for your interest in our site, and we wish you all the best for your studies.

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Request for fund for reserch on food security

I am studying my Msc in development studies at Mekelle University, Ethiopia Tigray. I am a Self sponsor full time student I am going to do my research on New Challenges of Food Security at household level and it is a case study going to be researched on one of the woredas of Tigray region namely Sesi Tseda Emba Woreda.

As organization I personally believe that WFP support and encourage such studies.
Therefore would you please sponsor the paper because its result is a resource for any respondent on food crisis or any development practitioner?

Thank you!