India’s Youth Speaks Out Against Hunger

India has taken giant steps in the past decade, making it the largest democracy and the second fastest-growing economy in the world. Yet still today, about one-quarter of the world’s hungry population is in India. Take a look at how the young Indians are taking matters into their own hands.

It was issues like food insecurity and hunger that concerned Anshul Tewari, a young journalist who had just finished his undergraduate studies. As he became more aware of national and global issues and their lack of progress, he decided that he needed to adopt a more proactive approach if he wanted to see changes. So he started Youth Ki Awaaz, which was a way he could express himself and raise awareness among India’s youth. Turns out, millions of others shared his views and frustrations on various topics like world hunger. The blog grew with other young advocates who wanted to be informed and discuss their own opinions on current issues. Since its founding in March 2008, YouthKiAwaaz (YKA) has launched several political and developmental campaigns and continues to be one of the most popular blogs for social causes in the country.

In addition to maintaining the YKA blog, Tewari also contributes to the Indian bureau of the Wall Street Journal where he has participated in a debate of whether or not food security is a basic human right. Here, Tewari explained how, in principle, food security should be a basic right, but implementing an effective policy is where shortcomings occur. You see, the road to a hunger-free world is full of political, environmental, and economic obstacles preventing people from getting adequate nourishment.

Every year the WFP reaches almost 2 million beneficiaries in India, distributing more than 280,000 tons of food over the past five years. YKA is helping WFP in the fight against hunger by raising awareness through its website and attracting young, change-seeking bloggers from around the globe. These are the voices that can make our dream a reality. YouthKiAwaaz and WFP are working together to encourage millions of youth to unite, campaign, and advocate for the changes they want to see during their lifetime.

Do you want your voice to be heard? Blog what you think about hunger or write to local newspapers.

Become an active member of Universities Fighting World Hunger.

For more ideas on ways to fight hunger, go to our How to Help page.

Also be sure to stay connected by listening to the voices of other young citizens of the world on websites and media platforms. Click here to read the YouthKiAwaaz article on world hunger and its relationship with the World Food Programme.

 Great work! Im sure India's

 Great work! Im sure India's future is in safe hands, seeing the youth initiating such movements and supporting world causes!

Very nice to know that the

Very nice to know that the younger generation in India (as is happening in most developed countries) is very concerned about the needs in thier countries. Good article esp asking for exposing hunger problems to the rest of the society. Keep up the good work.

Kudos to YKA and WFP !

First of all, it's a great initiative by WFP to develop such a platform where concerned denizens of our planet can lend their hand of support. Congratulations to Youth Ki Awaaz(YKA) for being the mouthpiece of our youth. The performance of the blog has been superb till now and is expected to take a voyage in an upward direction even in the future. I'am sure YKA will try it's level best to give this assocaition the time and efforts it deserves and soon the divine results shall began to doll out! Let's fight hunger. Respect food. Respect Homo Sapiens.