From the Intern Desk : Amin

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 “Amin, we need to do something about the trucks for Afghanistan!”; “The helicopter is landing in 10 minutes!”; “Phone conference at 2 pm” ; “Team 1 needs security clearance!” - “Amin, are you ok?” I suddenly realize that I was lost in my memories and snap out of my daydreaming.

Focusing on university seems hard these days. Time is passing by so quickly that there is hardly any time to recap all of what has happened during my internship at the World Food Programme (WFP) in Rome. I worked partly for the Field Support Unit (FSU) and the Logistics Development Unit (LDU) and it would take a long time to list all the different tasks and projects that I was involved in. Still, I will try to give a short inside look at my tasks.

Being in FSU, I worked closely with Fleet Management which is taking care of WFP’s own heavy truck fleet deployed all over the world. My main task was to figure out an efficient and cost effective way to renew this fleet. I spent a big part of my day on the phone talking to different truck companies receiving technical and financial information. Another main task was to compile the information received into a strategy for fleet renewal in order to have the right truck at the right place and time to deliver  the food to the hungry in need.

During the second part of my internship I had the chance to be involved in an emergency-response-training where LDU created a realistic emergency scenario where participants are put through a lot in one week. The teams of participants gathered from around the world and the organizational team reach their physical and psychological limit with only a few hours of sleep each night and a day full of surprises. It can very well happen that a helicopter landing has to be prepared or that hijackers enter the base in the middle of the night. At times it was both stressful and challenging but the remarkable scenario provided me with a great learning experience.

If someone would have told me that I might work in an environment in which you easily speak three different languages on a normal day and I would actually have the chance to combine my majors financial auditing and logistics I would not have believed this person. However, at WFP this is exactly what happened - every day!

The last question of the internship questionnaire asks whether the intern enjoyed their time with the organization. My answer: Every single second of it! I met amazing people and received insights to what it means to work in emergency logistics.

You can find out more about WFP and Logistics here.

Amin loves good aperitivi and fighting hunger!