New Classroom Activity: "Eat Your Way to School"

Building on information learned from the WFP Educational Video Game: Food Force, this Mathematics activity takes students through one of World Food Programme's most important areas of work - School Feeding.

The activity teaches and reinforces knowledge of Mean, Mode, and Median averages in the context of school attendance before and after School Feeding.

Have fun with the game, teach Math, and let us know what you think.

(and look out for more soon in the Food Force series of activities...)

Health school meals produce healthy student results

I love what the Food Force website does. Great fun for kids and should be promoted to kids in primary and secondary schools. My son plays maths games that are topic related at school and this would be a great addition and also deliver a subliminal message.

Have a look at the schools website from our area Catering4Schools has been created by the staff and students and has developed a culture in the school where students are proud of the school dinners they are provided with. It also offers information and recipies.