New Classroom Activity - "How'd that get on my plate?"

Where does the food you eat come from? How far does it travel? And more importantly, why does it travel so far to reach us? This activity illustrates the interdependency of our global food system, and encourages critical thought and reflection. A trip to the supermarket is often a voyage around the world! Grab a map and take a gastronomic journey from the comfort of your classroom...

Try the activity, and let us know what you think...

Really like your view. Some

Really like your view. Some real matter's are discuss in here. Thanks for sharing with us. The information which you have provided in here in utterly important.


Nick From


this is wonderful

hi this is the grade 6 class my name is lilliwyn and i have had a lot of fun but i have played at FREERICE.COM and mde over 5000 grains of rice for the children i think this is a very good cause my class and i have been learning about how this is effecting our world. this site has a very educational feeling (which my teacher really enjoys :P) i have been muc better now that i have helped a few kids with this. i can now feel good about eating and now my family dose not waste food <3 With lots of help,
Lilli and Shannon
Gr.6 class
p.s.if you need any help e-mail us :)