New Classroom Activity: "What can we do about Malnutrition?"

Published on 26 June 2009

What to do about Malnutrition?...

To begin with, we can talk about the it. This activity takes the form of a United Nations Conference where students will research the problem, debate the issues, and come up with possible solutions based on their research. 

Starting with the Millennium Development Goals and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, students will engage with the problem of child malnutrition, and present their findings and feelings on the subject.

Reaearch, collaboration, and presentation - try out the activity, let us know how it went. (and please - submit the essays written by your students here, for publication on


hello, well i`m writing to you cuz i really care about this kind of troubles and i`d be really glad if i could help you somehow. So please if there`s anyway i could help with the fundation please let me know. im from argentina and i`m 16 thanks a lot bye :)

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