Schools in Action: Marymount International School, Rome.

This post is the latest in a series of schools in action. Today we introduce a group of young, inspired students who started the Red Cup campaign in their classroom on the occasion of  World Food Day. Here is their story.

Just a glimpse of the  world hunger  video was enough to inspire this group of  4th grade students from  Marymount International School, Rome to take action against hunger.

"We were astonished by how many people are suffering from hunger around the world and how thin a human being can get when they do not have enough food", says Justin. "After learning that it takes only 20 cents to feed a child in developing countries, we ran to our schoolbags and grabbed every coin we could find."

The class collected 53.83 Euros, enough to feed nearly 300 school children in developing countries.

"We have everything we need and it only takes a little bit of change to feed a hungry child for a day. We should give some of our extra change to them instead of always just thinking about the next thing we need, especially when others need food! I am glad we helped World Food Programme", says Marco.

"I hope we changed people's lives by donating money. It was nice we had chance to work together to raise the money and feed 283 people. It felt good," says Anamarija.

Clara, who started the Red Cup campaign in the classroom, said she is really proud of what they accomplished and that it is nice to know that even a 4th grader can help fight world hunger. " I want to thank WFP for initiating this program and for helping to feed hungry children all around the world."


We're fighting hunger - so can you....Be part of the solution!

Easy ways to contribute

It's so nice to see the range of options for people to contribute to the fight against hunger. The example set by this 4th grade class is inspiring.