Tajik Village Yearns To See First Girl In University

The poor village of Kisht , on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, has never managed to send a girl to university. Girls tend to be pulled out of school before their final exams. So community leaders are delighted about a new WFP programme which should mean girls stay at school longer. Now, they hope, maybe one will take the next step.

The sole public building in the villages of Shuroobod is the school, invariably a rectangular concrete block housing Grades 1 to 11. With no markets or business enterprises in these villages, the school is the heart of village activity, a hive of noisy, energetic children with their whole future before them.

In the village of Kisht, a stone’s throw from the Panj River which marks the border with Afghanistan, school principal Murodali Odinaev is only too aware of the very limited opportunities for young people.

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