Take a Lesson from 7th-Graders

The voice of youth can sing, shout, and...blog? How seventh-grade students are bringing global attention to world hunger through blogs.

The power of youth is stronger now more than ever. Just take a look at Ms Ulster’s seventh-grade class in Bangkok, Thailand. Students at the International School Bangkok are showing the world how they feel about hunger and its solutions. By debating, developing new ideas, and blogging about causes and solutions to the problem of world hunger, they have shown us how influential these preteens can be.


One of the main obstacles is that people are not properly informed on hunger issues. Many don’t realize the scale of hunger the world is facing, and others are unaware of the many ways they can help. There is a very simple way to overcome this problem. You see, there are over one billion hungry people in the world and over one billion online users. Why not unite the two? You can blog like the 7th grade students from Thailand, or utilize Facebook, Twitter, email, as well as other online forms of media to spread the word about hunger and solutions. Take a look at our A Billion for a Billion page to see the many ways you can help.


There is nothing stopping you from taking part in the fight against hunger. The first step is to be informed, as Ms Ulster’s students proved to us. The more people that are aware of the situation, the closer we get to solving the problem. So teach about food shortage and malnutrition, Walk the World against hunger, blog your opinions and ideas, and take us one step closer to a hunger-free world. For more ideas on how you or your class can join the fight against hunger, check out our Teacher and Students page.