Ten Hunger Facts - Haiti

Here are ten facts about the hunger crisis facing Haiti. Schools and students can help. Donate now.

  1. Three million people may need humanitarian relief, including food assistance, following the earthquake.
  2. Before the quake, 1.9 million people were ‘food insecure,’ meaning they needed assistance to stave off hunger.
  3. Only 50 percent of Haiti's people have access to safe drinking water.
  4. About 55 percent of Haiti’s 9 million people live below the poverty line of US$1 a day.
  5. Rural families spend almost 60 percent of their income on food. The poorest groups spend more than 70 percent.
  6. Chronic malnutrition affects 24 percent of children under five, rising as high as 40 percent in the poorest zones.
  7. Poor diet means many women and children suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.
  8. During 2008, high food and fuel prices triggered violent demonstrations and political upheaval.
  9. In the same year, three hurricanes and one tropical storm struck Haiti, killing 800 people, destroying 27,000 homes and raising the general level of hunger.
  10. Food prices have declined since September 2008 but remain higher than the four-year average. Read more.