World Food Day Action Countdown

We are calling on you to take action in the days running up to World Food Day. Each day counting down to October 16, we will issue a daily challenge as part of our A Billion for a Billion campaign and the ONE Campus Challenge.


While many celebrate World Food Day, the reality is that over a billion people in the world don’t have access to food.

Today’s action is the biggest yet: submit a 1-minute or shorter video to our hunger bytes! contest for 2,500 points.

Don’t have the means to make a video? Update your social networks to let them know you completed the World food Day countdown, and you can still get points for completing the 16 actions.

“Let’s remember that more than one billion people won’t get enough nutritious food to eat today. We can change this — so our challenge is to turn ‘No Food Day’ back into ‘World Food Day’ for the hundreds of millions without food on their table tonight,” said Josette Sheeran, head of the World Food Programme, today in Rome.

In order to draw attention to the plight of the hungry, we’ve organized the hunger bytes! video contest. We want you to submit a 30-60 second video on hunger — something thought-provoking which encourages people to act.

Last year’s winners, students from Auburn University in Alabama, won a trip to Ethiopia to check out our operations. This year, you could win a trip to the field. Plus, just for submitting, you will get 2,500 Campus Challenge points for a partner activity. Report your actions here.

For more information, check out the hunger bytes! page.