World Food Day Action Countdown - 8 days to go

We are calling on you to take action in the days running up to World Food Day. Each day counting down to October 16, we will issue a daily challenge as part of our A Billion for a Billion campaign and the ONE Campus Challenge.


Today’s action is to create and submit a design to the Shirt.Woot Derby. Each week, designers submit t-shirt ideas to Shirt.Woot as part of a design contest (or “derby”). The winning shirt is based on number of votes from the public.


This week, we’ve taken over the competition and all the entries will focus on raising awareness about hunger.

Action: Get creative! Submit a drawing or design to the competition.

Shirt.Woot will print the top three winning designs, with the first place design going up for sale on World Food Day, October 16. This means you get to spread the word about hunger online by simply designing a t-shirt, and then possibly offline post-competition when people buy the t-shirt!

Need some inspiration? Check out this page of facts on hunger. And think about finding a cool way to incorporate the red cup into your design. We use these red plastic cups all over the world to deliver school meals, and they’ve become an iconic symbol of both need and hope for hungry children. Also check out these designs!

Design by Thievery Corporation:
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By Dede Sahroni, 13, in fifth grade in the SDN Bantar Jaya 03 school in Desa Bantar Jaya, Indonesia. In his picture, the children who are eating WFP biscuits are active, energetic and happy to study. But the children who do not eat WFP biscuits are sleepy and lazy, and they are not able to learn about science and technology.

Cesar Luis Martínez Guzmán is twelve. He thinks WFP is like the sea, reaching all continents. His painting shows a well-fed, united world.

The World Food Programme is the humanitarian agency on the frontline fighting hunger worldwide. We offer assistance in 74 countries, using food to help shattered communities rebuild their lives and futures.

The World Food Day Action Countdown forms part of our call to the billion people who are active online, to help the one billion people who are hungry: A Billion for a Billion!

For more ways you can make a difference go to