World Food Day Action Countdown - 14 Days to go

We are calling on you to take action in the days counting down to World Food Day, October 16. Each day we will issue a daily challenge as part of our Billion for a Billion campaign. If you're online reading this - you're one of the billion internet users who can help the world's hungry 1 billion. Step up and take action!

Tropical Storm Ketsana has pounded the Philippines with the heaviest rains in 40 years - unleashing severe flooding and forcing a million people from their homes. With many areas of Manila under floodwaters as high as 20 feet, access to food and water poses huge challenges for some 30 000 families.

Today’s action is to help us spread the word about the emergency and the people in the Philippines.

Action: Share this link on your social network, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, or post it on your blog:

This week in the Philippines, more than 2.5 million people were affected by flooding. And more storms are on their way, with a major typhoon predicted to hit on Saturday.

The disaster in the Philippines comes against the backdrop of the global financial and food crises, which delivered a devastating one-two punch to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

It now only takes a flood, an earthquake or another season of punishing drought to provoke catastrophe.

The World Food Programme is always on the frontlines, rushing food and other emergency supplies during these crises. When the cataclysmic tsunami hit Asia in 2004, we mobilized help on the ground within 24 hours. Just as we have in the Philippines.

This rapid response is ever more crucial as the number of natural disasters has almost doubled since the 1990s.

Climate change acts as a crisis multiplier – bringing cycles of drought, flooding and severe weather more frequently and with increasing severity.

According to the UN environmental agency, more than 90 percent of the people exposed to natural disasters live in the developing world. These are the most vulnerable people, feeling the effects of climate change right now.

The World Food Programme is the humanitarian agency on the frontline fighting hunger worldwide. We offer assistance in 74 countries, using food to help shattered communities rebuild their lives and futures.

The World Food Day Action Countdown is the result of a joined initiative between the Billion for a Billioncampaign (calling for the online billion ot help the hungry billion) and the ONE Campus Challenge (that invites university students to take part in the fight against hunger for credits).