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Simple Tools to Help Teachers Introduce Students to Hunger Issues

For teachers, approaching new topics in the classroom can be a challenge. How do you engage students and encourage them to think critically about the issue? WFP’s website is a vast resource for teachers looking to kick off a lesson on hunger and food aid. Here’s a few examples to get started.

Making A Difference On Hunger One Facebook Post At A Time

Like many students her age, Zara first discovered WFP playing Freerice. What inspired her to deepen her commitment to the organisation and do something even bigger on hunger was WFP’s real impact in the lives of people around the world.

 “The impact that the WFP has made on so many communities touched me, and so I've been trying to help wherever I can,” she said.

Students In Washington D.C. Get Creative To Design Solve Hunger Advocacy Campaign

Tim decided to teach his students about hunger within the framework of a medium they are bombarded with everyday: advertising. Students were broken up into small groups to facilitate collaboration and tasked with designing a new advertising campaign for the World Food Programme. They could be as creative as they liked with their advertisements, incorporating methods from photography to text, so long as they achieved the simple but challenging goal of inspiring people to care about hunger.

February Online Intern Discovers Everyone Can Be A Humanitarian

Being a humanitarian entails a lot. It shows how willing you are to put the needs of others before your own and how willing you are to help people. I chose to create a video as my final advocacy project for this online internship because I felt a lot of people would be moved by these diverse students talking about why they’re involved in the fight against hunger.  The students who shared their perspective in my film came together from around the world, determined to help solve hunger in any way they can.

When A School Meal Meets A Girl’s Dream

“We are on the top! Nothing is impossible if we struggle to pursue our dreams,” Nim Doma Sherpa, one of the women from Nepal, said from the crest of Mt. Kilimanjaro.