5 June 2015

World Environment Day: The Link Between Climate Change And Hunger

With countries worldwide gearing up for a new agreement on climate change at the December Paris climate change conference (COP21), this year’s World Environment Day feels particularly special.

The link between climate change and hunger is clear – and the World Food Programme (WFP) sees how it affects ordinary people every day in the countries we work in. We want you to see too – and help us spread the word.

WFP Ambassadors
5 June 2015

Philippines: KC Concepcion And Mark Nicdao Raise Funds For Nepal Quake

One month after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, WFP Philippines National Ambassador Against Hunger KC Concepcion and renowned fashion photographer Mark Nicdao organized a photo exhibition to help raise funds for the World Food Programme’s (WFP) Nepal earthquake operations. Here are some of the photos during the two-day exhibit.

Purchase for Progress
5 June 2015

Canadian Ambassador visits WFP project in Guantanamo

Canadian Ambassador in Cuba visits WFP pilot project focused on food security and nutrition of children, pregnant women and the elderly. This project, funded by the Government of Canada, began in March 2014 and is benefitting over 61,000 people in the municipalities of Niceto Perez and El Salvador (Guantanamo province), and Union de Reyes (Matanzas province).

3 June 2015

Going The Distance To Deliver In Malawi

In response to the 2015 floods disaster in Malawi, the WFP co-led Logistics Cluster has teamed up with the government and communities to deliver vital relief assistance.

2 June 2015

10 Facts About Women And Hunger

Women have a crucial role to play in defeating hunger. As mothers, farmers, teachers and entrepreneurs, they hold the key to building a future free of malnutrition. Here are ten facts on why empowering women is such an important part of the World Food Programme's (WFP) work. Please help WFP raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

Responding to Emergencies
2 June 2015

Nepal: Sacrificing For The Greater Good

For many of the World Food Programme's (WFP) staff in Nepal, the quake has taken a personal toll, destroying homes and affecting families, but they continue to work in order to deliver humanitarian assistance to the thousands of survivors who need it most.

Responding to Emergencies
1 June 2015

Supporting Newly Displaced People in Northern Mali

Renewed violence in northern Mali is causing mass displacements within the region of Timbuktu. About 60,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and find shelter in the region over the past few weeks, and more than 700 people have crossed the borders into neighboring countries. The World Food Programme (WFP) has stepped up its response to provide food to the newly displaced despite having limited resources. 

1 June 2015

WFP Supporting Liberia to Stay at Zero Ebola

Though Liberia was recently declared Ebola-free,  WFP continues to provide assistance to communities affected by Ebola in order to transition them out of crisis and into recovery. This support comes in a variety of ways, tailored to fit the needs of the community on the ground. 

School Meals
29 May 2015

Bangladesh: Children See A World Of Infinite Possibilities With Zero Hunger

Imagine that there is enough food for everyone in the world. Imagine that you will always have enough to eat. What would this be like? What would you want to achieve if you will never go hungry? Tough questions resulting to answers in the form of beautiful drawings by children.

29 May 2015

Escape From Ramadi: One Iraqi Mother’s Mission

When fighting broke out in Ramadi, Sahar Anwar gathered her three young children and joined the mass exodus out of the Iraqi city. They now live with a few hundred other people in Abu Ghraib on the outskirts of Baghdad city.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide