5 December 2006

East African floods operational update

WFP’s helicopter operation to help hundreds of thousands of east African flood victims swung into action over the weekend with a four ton delivery of emergency supplies to Gurufa in northeastern Kenya amid fears of further rains.
4 December 2006

Tajikistan - a full stomach and an educated mind

WFP food aid is playing a vital role in reviving the education system. Laila Gohar, an intern with WFP in Cairo, looks at WFP programmes in this former soviet state which are under threat due to lack of funds.
1 December 2006

Japan makes a major contribution to consolidation of peace in Sudan

WFP has welcomed a contribution of US$13 million from the Government of Japan to WFP’s emergency operation to assist the people of Sudan who have been affected by two decades of conflict.
1 December 2006

WFP and Islamic relief in joint push to help poor and hungry

WFP has signed a landmark agreement with Islamic Relief Worldwide to increase cooperation on a diverse range of vital humanitarian operations delivering emergency food aid to the hungry and the poor.
1 December 2006

WFP staff cottoning on to AIDS awareness

WFP staff have discovered that skill with a needle and thread can translate itself into a global message with the unfurling of their World AIDS Day patchwork quilt at WFP’s Rome headquarters
30 November 2006

Running scared in Central African Republic

Fear and violence hold the people of the fertile Central African Republic hostage to hunger. Marcus Prior travels down a road of charred remains and looks at the great irony: how hunger and plenty can exist side by side.
28 November 2006

Dubai Government and corporations give US$10 million to fight hunger

WFP welcomes a generous US$10 million donation from the Government of Dubai and three leading UAE corporations.
27 November 2006

Malawian truckers: not such easy riders

WFP and partner, TNT, have joined the HIV/AIDS frontline in Malawi by opening a clinic for truckers to identify and treat sexually transmitted infections. Robin Landis, HIV/AIDS Programme Adviser at WFP, looks at how the Muyende Bwino pit stop helps this hard to reach group.
27 November 2006

Poland makes its largest donation ever to WFP

WFP has heralded Poland’s largest single donation of US $1 million to its operations in Afghanistan, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia and Tanzania.
27 November 2006

Saudi Arabia becomes leading donor, fighting hunger worldwide

WFP has praised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a major increase in its support in 2006 to help WFP fight hunger worldwide.


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