First time here
22 April 2009

Not Heard Of Susan Boyle? Check This Out...

A video of Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed a Dream” on a UK talent show has ripped across the internet like a bolt of lightning and turned her into an overnight phenom. What does that have to do with hunger? Nancy Roman explains.
Students And Teachers
20 April 2009

School Offers Free Meals, Exam Results Soar

Almost all the students at the Enguike primary school in Tanzania now pass entry exams for secondary school. But before the free meals programme started, the pass rate was close to zero.

Food Security Analysis
19 April 2009

Hunger Crisis Hits Small Farmers, G8 Ministers Told

UN agencies on the front line of food insecurity are bringing concerns on the impact of the economic crisis on smallholder farmers in developing countries to a meeting of G8 Agriculture Ministers in Italy on 18-20 April.

16 April 2009

BBC Dodges Bullets On WFP Training Course

You don't normally expect an information and communications technology expert to be adept at avoiding snipers and detecting mines. But if you're an ICT operative for WFP, these things are part of your skill set, as two BBC journalists found out.

Focus on Women
16 April 2009

Cereal Banks Change Women's Lives In Niger

The women of Todigamèye in Niger used to worry about how they would feed their families during the lean season. A WFP-initiated cereal bank has changed that – and led to a new-found confidence.

15 April 2009

Two New Piracy Incidents Underline Threat to WFP Shipments

Even though the Maersk Alabama incident is over, two other incidents have underlined the continuing danger to WFP's shipments in the seas off the Horn of Africa.

Food Security Analysis
15 April 2009

Hunger Deepens As Families See Cash From Abroad Dwindle

Eighteen months ago Juan Coj Soc’s son left his poverty-stricken community in Guatemala and found work in California. For a time he sent money home regularly and all seemed well. Then the economic crisis started to bite...

Responding to Emergencies
14 April 2009

Pirates Constant Menace to Food Lifeline

The high-profile hijacking of US ship Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates has thrown a spotlight onto the fragile food lifeline supporting WFP’s operations to feed millions of hungry people in the Horn of Africa.

8 April 2009

Congo Food Route Is Supreme Test For WFP Truckers

Route Nationale 3 is a lifeline for thousands of people who depend on WFP for food. It’s also a kidney-bruising, stomach-churning morass of hills, holes, greasy mud and rickety bridges. Take a look
Focus on Women
6 April 2009

Afghanistan: Millions Remain Hungry Amid Growing Insecurity

Despite the growing insecurity in Afghanistan, WFP is pushing ahead with operations that aim to feed 8.8 million people in the country in 2009.


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