29 December 2006

UN humanitarian flights to Somalia resume; WFP operations continue

he United Nations Common Air Services (UNCAS) which is managed by WFP, resumed humanitarian flights into Somalia on Friday 29 December with a plane leaving Nairobi for Hargeisa in northern Somalia carrying humanitarian workers and cargo.
27 December 2006

WFP suspends airdrops, helicopter operations in Somalia

WFP said today it had suspended its helicopter operation delivering humanitarian aid from the Somali port of Kismayo and both its air drop operation and passenger flights from Kenya into Somalia.
17 December 2006

Blood Diamond interview: WFP's Paul Arès recalls the human fallout from Sierra Leone's diamond wars

The brutal 1990s conflict in Sierra Leone is the subject of the new film Blood Diamond. Paul Arès talks to WFP web writer Michelle Hough about his experiences as WFP regional manager for West Africa during a time when WFP food aid was a lifesaver for the thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire.
12 December 2006

Iceland to join top five per capita donors to WFP with unique contribution

WFP has welcomed an announcement by the Icelandic Government of a donation of US$3.2 million – the equivalent of every Icelandic primary school child providing a daily meal to a child in a WFP school feeding programme.
8 December 2006

Blood, diamonds and hunger

WFP helped feed victims throughout Sierra Leone's long-running civil war and it is contributing to recovery. Hilary Heuler looks at WFP operations in this west African country.
8 December 2006

Special envoy praises humanitarian gains but urges closer look at broader challenges

James T. Morris, the U.N. Special Envoy for Southern Africa, on Saturday praised the Government of Malawi, UN agencies, and non-government organizations (NGOs) for helping to stave off food crises in the last few years but urged all actors to now embrace other challenges facing the country.
6 December 2006

Southern Africa overview

After nearly five years as the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa, James Morris, who is also the Executive Director of WFP will undertake his final mission to the region from December 7-15.
5 December 2006

East African floods operational update

WFP’s helicopter operation to help hundreds of thousands of east African flood victims swung into action over the weekend with a four ton delivery of emergency supplies to Gurufa in northeastern Kenya amid fears of further rains.
4 December 2006

Tajikistan - a full stomach and an educated mind

WFP food aid is playing a vital role in reviving the education system. Laila Gohar, an intern with WFP in Cairo, looks at WFP programmes in this former soviet state which are under threat due to lack of funds.
1 December 2006

Japan makes a major contribution to consolidation of peace in Sudan

WFP has welcomed a contribution of US$13 million from the Government of Japan to WFP’s emergency operation to assist the people of Sudan who have been affected by two decades of conflict.


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