29 April 2009

10 Ways To Make Markets Work For Hungry

A new report by WFP proposes 10 market-based actions that governments, international organizations, civil society and the private sector can take to get markets working in favour of the poor.
WFP Ambassadors
28 April 2009

Hollywood Extends Enthusiastic Reception To WFP

WFP received the warmest of welcomes from the US entertainment industry at a special event aimed at engaging the industry in WFP’s fight against hunger. >>Read what actress Drew Barrymore wrote about the event in the Huffington Post.

Aid professionals
28 April 2009

Safe, Reliable Access To Food Essential In Pandemic

When world leaders gathered six times over the past two years to discuss how to grapple with pandemic disease – like the one we may be facing now – the same issue was raised by every single delegation: safe and reliable access to food.
Food Security Analysis
28 April 2009

WFP and Influenza Pandemics

As an international organization with global operations, WFP is preparing for the possibility of an influenza pandemic.

Focus on Women
27 April 2009

WFP And FAO Apply Twin-Track Approach In Ghana

Ghana is one of the countries where WFP and sister agency FAO are working together to make sure vulnerable people have the food they need to survive today and can produce the food they will need tomorrow. View video
Responding to Emergencies
27 April 2009

What Obama's Commitments To Food Security Mean For WFP

President Obama said recently he will work with congress to double US support for global food security to over $ 1 billion. What does that mean for WFP and the more than 100 million children, women and men who depend on us right now for food and nutritional assistance?

Focus on Women
27 April 2009

Nutritionally Savvy Mom Helps Families Feed Kids

Two years ago, the success of a WFP-supported project showed poor mothers in Lima the importance of good nutrition early in a child's life. Now one of those mothers is helping other moms to give their kids nutritious meals despite higher food prices.

23 April 2009

WFP Ready For Sri Lankans Fleeing War Zone

WFP has pre-positioned food in the northern Vavuniya district of Sri Lanka to meet the needs of the tens of thousands of people who are fleeing the ‘safe zone’ along the north eastern coast of Mullaitivu.
Students And Teachers
22 April 2009

Students Fighting Hunger Hold Summit in Rome

Students from the United States, Europe and Africa are meeting in Rome for a two-day hunger summit aimed at mapping out new ways for students around the world to contribute to the fight against global hunger.
First time here
22 April 2009

Not Heard Of Susan Boyle? Check This Out...

A video of Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed a Dream” on a UK talent show has ripped across the internet like a bolt of lightning and turned her into an overnight phenom. What does that have to do with hunger? Nancy Roman explains.


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