14 January 2008

FreeRice: from Italy to Bangladesh with a mouse click

Thanks to the award-winning online vocabulary game FreeRice, Bangladesh and many other poverty-stricken countries, are just a click away for pupils of the Ambrit international school in Rome, Italy, who want to help feed the world’s 854 million hungry people.

10 January 2008

Ain't no mountain high enough: WFP Country Director Richard Ragan talks about challenges in Nepal

Nepal may be small, but the mountainous country presents vast logistical challenges to WFP. Country Director Richard Ragan talks to web writer Michelle Hough about the peace process and WFP's creative responses to Nepal's challenges.

7 January 2008

Kenya Blog: bringing relief to the Rift Valley

In a diary first published on the BBC News website, spokesperson Marcus Prior describes the scenes encountered by a WFP food convoy travelling from Nairobi deep into the Rift Valley.

31 December 2007

Hunger's Global Hotspots: 31 December 2007

From Afghanistan to Sudan, WFP is on the frontline of crises across the globe. Find out the latest from these hotspots with WFP's weekly operational priorities update.
12 December 2007

Buying food from developing countries: an interview with Nicole Menage, chief of WFP's food procurement service

Nicole Menage, chief of WFP’s food procurement service, talks to web writer Michelle Hough about a little-known fact: WFP bought over three-quarters of its food in 2006 in developing countries.
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12 December 2007

What The World Eats

Carla Van Kampen decided to combine her love of food and experience as a journalist with her work at WFP to write a cook book of recipes from WFP’s field offices. The result is "What the World Eats: A Collection of Everyday Recipes from the United Nations World Food Programme".
11 December 2007

Hungers global hotspots: 4 December 2007

Countries where violence persists and populations live in fear. People in Hunger's Global Hotspots don't know what tomorrow will bring and they often have to rely on WFP for their next meal.
11 December 2007

WFP condemns Algiers terrorist attack

WFP condemns the terrorist attack that took place near the United Nations buildings in Algiers on Tuesday.
10 December 2007

Frequently asked questions: WFP buying locally

Local procurement, or “buying locally”, refers to when WFP buys food in one part of a developing country where there is an abundance and transports it to another region where there is a shortage of food because of droughts, floods or crop failure.
10 December 2007

Lesotho farmers find key to a brighter future with WFP

Despite the worst drought in 30 years, farmers in Lesotho have produced enough food to feed themselves and their families, and sell what's left over to WFP. Richard Lee visited a group of farmers who are looking forward to a brighter future thanks to WFP purchasing their food.


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