Aid professionals
5 April 2009

WFP-CARE Partnership Helps Poor Farmers Think Ahead

Poor farmers in Ghana harvest too little to feed their families, let alone to build lasting food security. A collaboration between WFP and Care International means they can plant more seeds and still have enough food for their families while they wait for the harvest.
Responding to Emergencies
3 April 2009

WFP Dispatches Food To Sri Lankan Safe Zone

“This is the largest shipment we have sent and it comes at a crucial time for these people.” -- Adnan Khan, WFP Representative and Country Director in Sri Lanka.
3 April 2009

Hunger Eclipsed At G-20 Summit

So where are we in the fight against global hunger now that the London G-20 summit is over? Pretty much where we were the day before it started, says Nancy Roman.

2 April 2009

G-20 and Hunger: 10 Must-Reads

With the G-20 London summit over, world leaders now have a plan to address the global economic crisis. Read communique  As they implement the plan, they should remember that the crisis is having a huge impact on the ...
Students And Teachers
1 April 2009

G-20: What The FT Didn't Ask Obama

As the world looks to London for solutions to the economic crisis, many important questions are being asked. But for Nancy Roman there are also a few that aren't.
Responding to Emergencies
31 March 2009

WFP Seeks to Overcome Operating Setback in Sudan

WFP is continuing operations in Sudan’s Darfur region to address the gaps in humanitarian assistance left by the expulsion of 13 international NGOs by the Government of Sudan.

Food For Assets
31 March 2009

Water Projects Help Kenyans Look Beyond Crisis

As WFP scales up general food distributions in Kenya, it is also using food to help poor farmers become less vulnerable to hunger in future. Veronica Kakuma built a water-conserving ‘bund’ and now has a sorghum crop she didn’t have before.

Aid professionals
30 March 2009

War-torn Afghanistan Needs To Produce More Food

Afghanistan, where WFP has one of its largest operations, is still a long way from being able to feed itself. WFP Country Director Stefano Porretti talks about the challenges of working in Afghanistan and what new responses WFP is bringing into play.

Students And Teachers
25 March 2009

Haiti: Rice And Beans Keep Kids In School

Angelica Richard, who one day would like to be a doctor, says she had no breakfast before coming to school and won’t get anything when she goes home tonight. “This is my only meal of the day. Sometimes I feel weak in the morning and can’t wait till lunchtime.”


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