10 November 2008

Food Ships to Somalia Receive NATO and Dutch Protection

Rome, 10 November 2008 - The Netherlands and NATO are providing naval escorts to protect WFP ships carrying life-saving assistance from pirate attacks off Somalia. More than 2 million Somalis could go hungry without this protection.
6 November 2008

DRC: Interview with an Expert

Charles Vincent was WFP’s Country Director in DRC until a few weeks ago. In this interview he talks about the situation in DRC now and the background to it. He spoke with us in Geneva, where he now heads the WFP liaison office to the UN.
5 November 2008

Hunger's Global Hotspots: 5 November 2008

Facts, figures and the latest updates from WFP's high profile emergencies.
5 November 2008

Pakistan: Operational Update

WFP is distributing fortified ready-to-eat biscuits to the worst-affected District of Ziarat from WFP warehouses in Quetta. It is also supplying flour, pulses, vegetable oil and salt in ration packets in many villages.
5 November 2008

Yes He Can Tackle Hunger!

Hunger and the global food crisis are but among hundreds – maybe thousands – of policy initiatives competing for time and space on the Obama agenda this morning. They deserve to make the cut, says Nancy Roman.
4 November 2008

Notes From a Trip Through Northern Mali

Rocky Oishi, winner of WFP's autumn staff story competition, describes what happens after he and other WFP team members are dispatched to develop rice fields in northern Mali. He talks about what he sees on the journey as he and the team head out to sites in Niafounke in the region of Timbuktu.

4 November 2008

Prize-Winning Views and Voices From the Deep Field

WFP's story, photo and video competition for staff succeeded capturing some of the people, places and compelling experiences of the deep field
3 November 2008

DRC: News Update from Goma

WFP on Monday took part in a multi-agency overnight assessment mission to Rutshuru town and outlying areas. The mission was expected to return to Goma on Tuesday. The results of the assessment will inform WFP’s response over the next few days.
31 October 2008

WFP Executive Director to Visit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran will travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 3 to 6 November to meet King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
30 October 2008

British School Children’s Rallying Cry Against Hunger

A group of English primary school children have shown their impressive understanding of the global food crisis through a serious but entertaining video which explores the issues and outlines part of WFP's response.


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