Responding to Emergencies
18 March 2009

Eastern Congo: Kidnapped Boy Returns From Slavery

Five months ago the son of a WFP food aid monitor was kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Without any warning, on March 16, the boy hobbled onto the airstrip in Dungu where his father was working.

17 March 2009

Stop The Economic Crisis From Becoming A Human Crisis

Preoccupied by the economic crisis, policy makers are warning that hunger is slipping down their list of priorities. But the stumbling world economy is the very reason they should accelerate funding for food security, says Nancy Roman. >>Global Food Crisis - In Depth
Responding to Emergencies
16 March 2009

WFP Ramps Up Assistance to Hungry in Pakistan

Pakistan, riven by political tensions in the last few days, has an ongoing need for food assistance which has deepened recently due to high food prices, conflict and natural disasters. In response, WFP is ramping up its programmes in 2009.

Preventing Hunger
13 March 2009

Exhibition Chronicles China and WFP Fighting Hunger

Thirty million people assisted, 30 years of cooperation, US$30 million in donations - a photo exhibition held in Beijing offered a graphic chronicle of WFP's collaboration with the Chinese government in the fight against hunger and poverty.
12 March 2009

"Food Assistance Helped Me Become a Journalist"

Polio and poverty meant Apollinaire Gahungu had a difficult start to life. But things began to look up when he was sent to the World Food Programme (WFP) supported school in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Aid professionals
12 March 2009

Prices Still High For World's Poor, WFP Tells UK Parliament

Food prices are down from the record highs of 2008 but they are still out of reach for most in the developing world, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran told British parliamentarians this week.

Focus on Women
10 March 2009


Bill Clinton, UN Chief See Food Reach Hungry

Dossier: Food out of reach
10 March 2009

"WFP Is The World's Insurance Programme Against Hunger"

The tough economic climate should not mean food assistance programmes get cut, said Oxford University Professor Paul Collier as he and other experts met in London to debate the future of international development. Listen to radio interview

9 March 2009

Haiti: 6 Months After Hurricanes, WFP Remains a Lifeline

Hundreds of families on Gonaives, on Haiti's west coast, lost everything when a series of hurricanes hit Haiti last September. As they rebuild their lives, many rely on feeding centres that use WFP food.

First time here
8 March 2009

Birthday Boy Zane Feeds 1,000 Hungry Children

After stumbling upon while surfing the web, a British schoolboy has decided to give up birthday presents this year to help feed the world's hungry.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide