27 February 2009

Sea Route Opened To Reach Hungry in Sri Lanka

A new sea route to deliver WFP relief to people in Sri Lanka is helping efforts to reach hungry people displaced by the recent escalation of hostilities in the northern Vanni region.
For Individuals
27 February 2009

Walk the World: The Origins

Walk the World: The Back Story On 22 June 2003, over 4,500 TNT employees in ten Asian countries walked together in support of WFP’s work against child hunger.  The idea of walking together was inspired by the ...
27 February 2009

Malnutrition Stalks Kenyan Refugee Camps

Like almost all workers, staff in the hospital at Ifo refugee camp amid the semi-desert of northeastern Kenya have their good and their bad days. But in the fight against child malnutrition, they say the good outnumber the bad.

Preventing Hunger
25 February 2009

Zimbabwe: WFP Food Helps Cholera Patients Recover

Thousands of cholera patients and their caregivers in treatment centres across Zimbabwe are now benefiting from WFP food, which helps them fight the deadly disease.
Responding to Emergencies
24 February 2009

WFP in Zimbabwe - Facts & Figures

The food situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated more drastically than expected – due to worsening economic conditions, the cash crisis and also because the government did not import as much food as anticipated.
Responding to Emergencies
24 February 2009

Amid High Prices, Kabul’s Hungry Rely On WFP

Food prices have soared in Kabul over the last year, leaving 60-year-old widow Bobogul struggling to get by. Like many of the poorer residents of the Afghan capital, she now receives WFP food regularly and thanks to this assistance is able to afford her medicine again.

23 February 2009

Should Hunger Be High On The G8/G20 Agenda?

The world's economic woes will dominate the agenda in coming months and will take centre stage at the G8 summit in July. But what of hunger? Live Aid founder Bob Geldof and Barack Obama advisor Martin Feldstein give their views.
Responding to Emergencies
23 February 2009

Oscar-winning Penn Advocates Against Hunger

Sean Penn, who has just won the ‘best actor’ Oscar for his portrayal of slain San Francisco gay rights activist Harvey Milk, is a leading supporter of WFP’s fight against hunger.
Preventing Hunger
21 February 2009

How To Escape the Global Food Crunch

The world's economic woes and the global food crunch were high on the agenda at an international conference organized by Italy's Aspen Institute in Rome this weekend.
Food For Assets
20 February 2009

Five Days That Changed Abebe's World

When drought gripped much of southern Ethiopia recently, farmers across the region lost their crops in parched fields and millions were pushed to the brink of starvation. But as the rains failed, some farmers managed to escape the worst that nature could throw of them.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide