Fight Against HIV/AIDS
4 February 2009

Jamelia's Kenyan Diary

When British pop star Jamelia decided to step off the red carpet and into a Kenyan slum, she wasn't sure what to expect. Here are her own thoughts, as she recorded them during her visit to Kibera.
Responding to Emergencies
3 February 2009

WFP In Vatican: "Hunger is Moral Call For All Faiths"

Joining Vatican prelates for the presentation of the Pope's Lenten message, WFP's Executive Director Josette Sheeran says that beating hunger is an achievable goal.
Preventing Hunger
2 February 2009

Selling Sand In Ouagadougou

OUAGADOUGOU - On the outskirts of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, Sylvie Dipama finishes her day’s work. Three more days and she should be able to sell a cartful of sand for 750 Francs CFA Francs (about ...
Responding to Emergencies
2 February 2009

Drought Decimates Cattle in Ethiopia's Somali Region

After a succession of poor or failed rains, so many animals have been lost that often families can no longer support themselves. Current WFP estimates indicate that operations in 2009 will target more than eight million people.
31 January 2009

Progress on the Post-Carbon Economy

A short interview with Margaret Catley-Carlson as part of our Davos 09 coverage.
31 January 2009

A New Blueprint for Globalization

In Davos 09, Simon Zadek discusses how these meetings are different from the previous ones.
31 January 2009

The Role of the Private Sector

Sir John Holmes comments on the role of the private sector, a short video part of our Davos 09 coverage.
31 January 2009

Until Those at the Bottom Count

A short but powerful statement by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Davos 09.
31 January 2009

Davos: Day 3 Round-Up

The Business Alliance Against Chronic Hunger  started the day off in the WFP tent with a 'roll-up-your-sleeves' session on "Business Strategies for Sustainable Food Production."   Moderated by Josette ...
30 January 2009

WFP Reaches Out to More Hungry People in Gaza

As the crisis in Gaza enters its second month, WFP is reaching out to more hungry people through daily food distributions, and free school meals for children.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide