22 March 2006

Floods in Ecuador cause food insecurity

WFP in collaboration with the Ecuadoran Government will provide food rations to help 5,000 families affected by recent heavy flooding along parts of Ecuador’s coast.
21 March 2006

WFP hails EC for donation to Kenya drought

WFP hails the European Commission for donating Euros 5.05 million (US$5.98 million) in cash to help provide food aid for 3.5 million people in northern and eastern Kenya.
20 March 2006

Living with HIV/Aids in the Central African Republic

Josephine Bongoa was banished from her home when her family discovered she had HIV. She and her daughter try to keep strong as they face the disease alone with anti-retroviral medication and WFP food aid distributed by the Complèxe Pédiatrique hospital in the Central African Republic.
17 March 2006

Food aid helping TB recovery in Chechnya

Tuberculosis is on the rise in many countries after years of steady decline. People living in conflict zones, such as Chechnya, are particularly vulnerable as they face a daily battle against malnourishment and stress. Mia Turner tells us the story of Ruslan.
17 March 2006

WFP and Japan cement their partnership

WFP welcomes a food aid contribution of approximately US $12 million approved by the Government of Japan, as further evidence of the agency’s strong partnership with Japan to build peace and human security at the occasion of the third WFP-Japan annual consultation held in Tokyo yesterday.
14 March 2006

Drew Barrymore auction raises nearly £20,000

WFP has thanked actress Drew Barrymore and Marie Claire Magazine for focusing international attention on the plight of millions of hungry Kenyans who are currently in the grip of poverty and a deadly drought.
13 March 2006

Partnering with men to achieve gender equality

WFP has given the Catherine Bertini Award, presented annually on International Women’s Day, to its Zambia Country Office in recognition of efforts to promote partnership with men to achieve gender equality. WFP ...
7 March 2006

Uncertain future for quake survivors

Anwar Gul is a food aid monitor for WFP. He spends his days in the camps and villages where WFP delivers food to the survivors of the last October's South Asian earthquake. Here he reports on people's uncertain future.
6 March 2006

WFP to help Pakistan quake victims recover

WFP has announced it will provide assistance for the recovery of the most needy and vulnerable part of the population affected by the earthquake that hit Pakistan last October.
2 March 2006

Elisa and Tina Turner: voices of the "Invisible Children"

UN agencies WFP and UNICEF, together with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department for Development Cooperation, have welcomed the release of "Teach Me Again" by Elisa and Tina Turner, the theme song of the film ...


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