23 November 2005

WFP feeds Honduran victims of Tropical Storm Gamma

WFP has distributed 645 metric tons of food to victims of Tropical Storm Gamma in Honduras, and plans to provide 1,750 metric tons of food over the next three months. WFP's country director says the operation might be expanded to help subsistence farmers who have lost their livelihoods.
22 November 2005

Japan helps WFP feed hurricane victims in Guatemala

WFP welcomes a contribution from the Government of Japan of US$200,000 to the agency’s emergency operation to feed the victims in Guatemala hit by Hurricane Stan.
21 November 2005

Food needed for 2.3 million quake survivors until April

Some 2.3 million people will require food assistance at least through April 2006, according to the latest emergency food security assessment conducted by WFP, UNICEF, and OXFAM.
17 November 2005

Faces of hunger in southeastern Mauritania

For several weeks in the middle of 2005, the world's attention was, unusually, focused on Niger; a marginalised, poverty-stricken West African nation struggling to cope with a food crisis that left many of its poorest rural families unable to provide for themselves.
17 November 2005

WFP welcomes USAID donation to Georgia operation

WFP welcomes a US$1.25 million donation from USAID’s Food for Peace programme which bridges a serious gap in food supplies that has been threatening WFP’s relief and recovery operation in Georgia.
16 November 2005

WFP increases food rations ahead of bitter winter

This story was taken from the website of the Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). WFP has announced that it is increasing food ...
14 November 2005

'Quake Jumpers' reach people other aid workers can't

Teams of mountain experts known as 'Quake Jumpers' are being assembled to reach remote, earthquake-affected communities in Pakistan that aid workers have yet to access, and prepare them for the harsh Himalayan winter.
12 November 2005

Keeping earthquake survivors alive in Pakistan

On 8 October an earthquake struck Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir, killing tens of thousands and leaving millions more desperately in need of aid, in tough and inhospitable terrain. WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge ...
8 November 2005

Escaping the past: the widows of Herat

Known as the "City of Cherished Martyrs", Herat bears the scars of 25 years of conflict. But thanks to new projects to improve literacy and self-reliance, some of the city's widows are finding ways to escape the past, as ...
4 November 2005

Hunger in the mountains: clock ticks for quake survivors

After last month's earthquake, the mountain communities of Pakistan-administered Kashmir are struggling to survive without food or shelter. With just a few weeks to go before they are cut off by winter, their future hangs ...


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