16 September 2005

Japan makes major contribution to southern Sudan

WFP has welcomed a major contribution of US$10 million from the Japanese Government to WFP to repair key transportation routes in post-conflict southern Sudan to help people get back on their feet. The Government of Japan ...
16 September 2005

Venezuela joins fight against hunger in West Africa

WFP has welcomed a donation by the Government of Venezuela of US$3 million to fight hunger in Niger, Burkina Faso and Mauritania, three food-insecure countries affected by prolonged droughts and the worst locust invasion ...
14 September 2005

Life after Jeanne: one year on from the floods in Haiti

Storm-battered Gonaïves One year after tropical storm Jeanne hit the coastal town of Gonaïves in northern Haiti, the huge task of rebuilding the homes and livelihoods of thousands of people remains. The floods ...
13 September 2005

Eight ways to change individual lives

Putting faces to the United Nations' eight Millennium Development Goals At the 2005 World Summit on 14-16 September, more than 170 heads of state will meet at UN headquarters in New York to discuss what the world ...
7 September 2005

Helping them through drought

In a part of Uganda where drought is the norm, WFP is trying to provide meals for the people of Karamoja, writes Peter Nyanzi in an article first published in the Daily Monitor newspaper.
5 September 2005

Fleeing murder, arson and rape - DRC refugees struggle to make a new start

Flight into Uganda Past and ongoing fighting in Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, the Horn of Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo has seen some 241,000 refugees flee into Uganda since 1988. Under a "Self ...
5 September 2005

Netherlands' donations to WFP top US$100 million in 2005

WFP has hailed the Netherlands for contributing more than US$100 million in 2005 to feed hungry people (mainly in Africa) and praised the type of donations for providing the flexibility required so food swiftly reaches ...
1 September 2005

Double trouble for a hungry family in South Sudan

WFP Public Information Officer Simon Crittle finds thousands of families who were displaced by Sudan’s devastating civil war have returned home to a rain-starved region where malnutrition is on the rise.
26 August 2005

What makes a world class crisis: Niger's 'invisible' emergency

In an article first published in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper, former WFP nutritionist Patrick Webb argues that Niger's ongoing hunger crisis shows the classic symptons of a "silent emergency".
23 August 2005

Free food distributions continue in Niger

Large-scale distributions of life-saving food aid continue in Niger, as WFP and its partners endeavour to reach a total of 2.65 million people battling hunger under a first-round general emergency distribution.


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