9 October 2006

Luxembourg steps up funding for hungry poor around the world

WFP has welcomed a significant new donation of €5.6 million from the government of Luxembourg. With a total contribution this year of €9.6 million, Luxembourg is one of WFP’s most important donors in the fight against hunger.
6 October 2006

Education is the key one year after Pakistan earthquake

When a massive earthquake struck Pakistan-administered Kashmir on 8th October 2005, anxious parents stopped sending their children to school. WFP's Amjad Jamal says that a WFP cooking oil ration is now making all the difference to attendance.

5 October 2006

European Commission donation helps sustain WFP operations in Darfur

The WFP mission in Darfur has received a welcome boost with two significant donations from the European Commission.
4 October 2006

One year after Hurricane Stan: a silent emergency

On 5th October 2005, Hurricane Stan raged across Guatemala leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Its consequences have since become one of the many silent emergencies around the world, writes Elizabeth Sagastume.

4 October 2006

WFP opens strategic hubs to augment global emergency response

Prompted by the magnitude and growing number of emergencies in recent years, WFP has launched a new humanitarian response “Network”, with strategic hubs in Africa, Europe, MiddleEast, Asia and Latin America.
20 September 2006

Yemen: a forgotten corner where hunger stalks

Perched on the edge of the Red Sea, Yemen is almost forgotten as wars rage in the Middle East and drought brings nearby east Africa to its knees. Anne Lassen, a WFP intern, looks at why hunger is rife in this poverty-stricken country yet rarely makes it into the international headlines.

18 September 2006

A Saudi gift brings hope to the hungry in West Africa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined the fight against hunger in West Africa with a US$10 million donation to eight poverty-stricken countries in the region. Marcus Prior reports on how the much-needed cash injection will be used.
15 September 2006

WFP rushes emergency food aid to flood victims in West Africa

WFP has rushed to deliver vital supplies to thousands of people who lost their homes and livelihoods after violent floods engulfed parts of West Africa’s Sahel region.
12 September 2006

WFP battles bad weather and landslides to reach hungry in Nepal

As part of a major operation to feed tens of thousands of flood survivors in Nepal, WFP has fed an estimated 8,150 people in the western Banke District.
12 September 2006

WFP official welcomes India's growing role in supporting food security and assistance for South Asia

A senior official of WFP has met with officials of the Government of India, lauding the increasing and important role that India plays in assuring food security for South Asia, and in particular Afghanistan.


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