11 December 2007

WFP condemns Algiers terrorist attack

WFP condemns the terrorist attack that took place near the United Nations buildings in Algiers on Tuesday.
10 December 2007

Frequently asked questions: WFP buying locally

Local procurement, or “buying locally”, refers to when WFP buys food in one part of a developing country where there is an abundance and transports it to another region where there is a shortage of food because of droughts, floods or crop failure.
10 December 2007

Lesotho farmers find key to a brighter future with WFP

Despite the worst drought in 30 years, farmers in Lesotho have produced enough food to feed themselves and their families, and sell what's left over to WFP. Richard Lee visited a group of farmers who are looking forward to a brighter future thanks to WFP purchasing their food.

6 December 2007

Clashes bring delivery of food assistance to a halt in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

An upsurge in fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic Province of North Kivu forces the World Food Programme (WFP) to suspend all movement outside the provincial capital Goma, threatening aid deliveries to some 335,000 displaced people, writes spokesperson Marcus Prior.
3 December 2007

Climate Change and the World’s Hungry

Erratic weather affects agricultural productivity, contributing to chronic hunger and food shortages. Lack of food makes the longer-lasting sustainable solutions we all hope for harder to reach.
27 November 2007

Hunger's global hotspots: 27 November 2007

Countries where violence persists and populations live in fear. People in Hunger's Global Hotspots don't know what tomorrow will bring and they often have to rely on WFP for their next meal.
23 November 2007

WFP response continues - food aid rushed to cyclone-hit Bangladesh communities

World Food Programme deliveries of High Energy Biscuits (HEBs) across the cyclone-affected areas are continuing as the food agency also announced the start of a substantial shipment of rice to be transported by road to victims of the Cyclone Sidr living in the five worst-affected Districts of Southern Bangladesh.
22 November 2007

Nehaia Abu-Nahla: Life as head of WFP's Gaza sub-office

Fear and violence are an every day reality for Nehaia Abu-Nahla, Head of the WFP Gaza sub-office. She spoke to WFP's Heather Hill about what it's like to work in a place where she can never feel safe, and where an attack may be just around the corner.
15 November 2007

WFP Helps Timbuktu’s People To Reclaim Land From Advancing Desert

In spite of previous devastating droughts and the advancing Sahara Desert, Timbuktu is green – thanks to a WFP reforestation projects. WFP’s spokesperson, Marcus Prior, accompanied Executive Director Josette Sheeran on a visit to the reclaimed land.

12 November 2007

WFP food convoy fast tracked to Mexico flood victims

When WFP's humanitarian convoy set-off from El Salvador, veteran logistics officer Andrew Stanhope braced himself for long delays awaiting clearance papers at the border. Instead his trucks received a police escort all the way to flood-hit Mexico, as the Mexican, Guatemalan and El Salvadoran Governments put Tabasco's red alert ahead of red tape.


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