1 December 2005

Tsunami one year on: stories from the field

Stories from tsunami survivors, November-December 2005 One year after the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, WFP continues to provide aid to almost one million people across the disaster zone. These are some ...
1 December 2005

Tsunami one year on: UN Humanitarian Air Service

Facts and figures As part of its response to the tsunami, WFP launched a Special Operation – valued at US$42.5 million – to provide air support for humanitarian organisations directly involved in tsunami ...
1 December 2005

Tsunami: WFP operation overview

The immediate response: saving the survivors In the early hours of the 26th of December, 2004, reports began to emerge of an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia and giant waves that had crashed onto shorelines across ...
28 November 2005

May the forces be with us

Aid workers in earthquake-hit Pakistan have found the help of the army indispensable, writes WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge, in an article which first appeared on the Guardian Unlimited website.
28 November 2005

Rats plague Nicaragua's "children of the river"

Nicaragua's indigenous Miskito communities recently suffered an invasion of rats, which razed crops and left many without food, until WFP rations ran the Coco River rapids to reach them. WFP spokesperson Sabrina Quezada ...
23 November 2005

WFP feeds Honduran victims of Tropical Storm Gamma

WFP has distributed 645 metric tons of food to victims of Tropical Storm Gamma in Honduras, and plans to provide 1,750 metric tons of food over the next three months. WFP's country director says the operation might be expanded to help subsistence farmers who have lost their livelihoods.
22 November 2005

Japan helps WFP feed hurricane victims in Guatemala

WFP welcomes a contribution from the Government of Japan of US$200,000 to the agency’s emergency operation to feed the victims in Guatemala hit by Hurricane Stan.
21 November 2005

Food needed for 2.3 million quake survivors until April

Some 2.3 million people will require food assistance at least through April 2006, according to the latest emergency food security assessment conducted by WFP, UNICEF, and OXFAM.
17 November 2005

Faces of hunger in southeastern Mauritania

For several weeks in the middle of 2005, the world's attention was, unusually, focused on Niger; a marginalised, poverty-stricken West African nation struggling to cope with a food crisis that left many of its poorest rural families unable to provide for themselves.
17 November 2005

WFP welcomes USAID donation to Georgia operation

WFP welcomes a US$1.25 million donation from USAID’s Food for Peace programme which bridges a serious gap in food supplies that has been threatening WFP’s relief and recovery operation in Georgia.


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