Food Security Analysis
28 January 2009

Tajikistan: No Harvests, No Income, No School

"We produced some vegetables on our land in the past, but during the last few years we did not get any harvest due to the lack of rain and locust infestation." -- Akramova Saparoi
First time here
27 January 2009

British Pop Star Jamelia Visits WFP School Feeding Programme In Kenya

Jamelia, who is supporting The Really Good School Dinner campaign, went to Kenya recently to see for herself how money donated to WFP School feeding is spent.
26 January 2009

‘The Worst Possible Scenario’

“It’s a global impact, it’s a serious impact. ... You have an increase in the problem and a reduction of funds. It’s the worst possible scenario.”
26 January 2009

Guinea: Big Family, Little Food

A clan of 40 people tries to live on a small bucket of cassava, two mangoes and dry beans in Guinea, where WFP extends its work to nearly 600,000 more people.
Dossier: Food out of reach
26 January 2009

Global Food Crisis In Spotlight At Madrid Meeting

"The financial crisis is hitting the world's hungry hard. Unemployment’s increasing, remittances are decreasing, global trade is decreasing. For the poorest of the poor it means their budget for food is shrinking" - Josette Sheeran, WFP's Executive Director
Dossier: Food out of reach
26 January 2009

Selling Precious Assets For Food In Ghana


Food For Assets
25 January 2009

Building Livelihoods By Soothing Toothache

WFP is helping poor communities in northern Nepal to cultivate precious medicinal plants which, as well as soothing fevers and toothaches, can become a source of income. Laura Melo explains.

Responding to Emergencies
25 January 2009

The Rubble That Was Gaza

Christine van Nieuwenhuyse, WFP Country Director for the occupied Palestinian territories, travelled to Gaza with a joint UN preliminary assessment mission. This is her account of what she saw.
Food Security Analysis
22 January 2009

The Feeding of the Nine Billion: Global Food Security for the 21st Century

“There is a real risk of a ‘food crunch’ at some point in the future, which would fall particularly hard on import-dependent countries and on poor people everywhere.” -- Alex Evans, Center on International Cooperation
Purchase for Progress
21 January 2009

WFP Helps Connect Farmers in Mozambique to Markets

"Now that I have a secure buyer, I will grow a lot more beans,” says one farmer who is benefitting from WFP's innovative Purchase for Progress (P4P) programme.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide