19 October 2005

Despair beneath the 'normality' in Malawi

WFP's web editor Chris Endean is on a mission to Malawi. This is the first of his reports from a country in the midst of a food crisis, and first appeared on the Guardian Unlimited website. Driving the 320-km road from ...
18 October 2005

WFP welcomes swift response from Japan to earthquake

WFP has welcomed a swift contribution from the Government of Japan of US$2.5 million to the agency’s emergency operation for those hit by the South Asia earthquake. Japan was one of the first countries to donate to ...
16 October 2005

WFP battles bad weather to get food to quake survivors

WFP battles logistical constraints and poor weather conditions to get food aid to survivors of the earthquake in Pakistan, using helicopters, trucks and one boat.
14 October 2005

Hurricane Stan: humanitarian update from Central America

Despite continuing bad weather in the wake of Hurricane Stan, WFP food aid is reaching some 87,000 families in Guatemala and 77 beneficiaries in El Salvador ...
12 October 2005

WFP Arabic website goes live

WFP launches an Arabic language website as part of its efforts to raise public awareness among Arab-speaking populations about the world’s 852 million chronically hungry people.
10 October 2005

Floods and landslides sweep through Central America

Floods and landslides in the wake of Hurricane Stan, combined with an earthquake off the coast of El Salvador as well as a volcano, have killed at least 617 people throughout Central America and Mexico.
4 October 2005

McGovern and Dole call for greater drive to end hunger

At the launch of a new book by George McGovern, Bob Dole and Donald Messer entitled “Ending Hunger Now: A Challenge to Persons of Faith”, former U.S. Senators McGovern and Dole sounded a strong call for joining ...
4 October 2005

Turkey commits to battle against hunger in West Africa

WFP welcomes a donation of US$1.8 million by the Government of Turkey that has been earmarked for six West African countries, all in urgent need of food aid.
29 September 2005

One O'Clock's luck - returning to south Sudan

WFP public information officer Anja Du Toit tells the story of one young returnee to south Sudan who was lost and found on the journey home. This article first appeared on the Guardian Unlimited website. One O’Clock, or ...
26 September 2005

Chechen women - strength in the face of tragedy

The rise and fall of Chechnya The people of war-torn Chechnya can still remember when they were not so desperate. They lived in a land with a soaring local economy, thanks to oil production which peaked at 21 ...


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