16 December 2005

Low rainfall triggers alarm at Kenya food crisis

WFP warns that the number of people needing food aid in Kenya would rise considerably from the current 1.1 million to possibly as many as 2.5 million because of the failure of the short rains in many eastern and northern districts of Kenya.
16 December 2005

South Asia earthquake - operational update

Update on WFP's operations in the earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir, including background information, coordination with the Pakistan government, implementation overview, logistics, UN Humanitarian Air Service update, constraints and priorities.
16 December 2005

WFP welcomes Japan's aid package for Africa

WFP welcomes an aid package totalling JPY 940 million (US$7.9 million) from the Japanese Government to assist millions of people affected by conflict and natural disasters in a total of five countries in Africa.
15 December 2005

WFP looks forward to broader partnership with China

Having fed 30 million people in China over the past 26 years, WFP will end its food aid assistance to the country at the end of 2005, and is looking to China for a broader partnership to combat hunger worldwide.
14 December 2005

Mahmoud Yassin calls on Arab world to help Darfur

Film star Mahmoud Yassin today called on Arabs worldwide to provide more humanitarian assistance to millions of victims of conflicts in western Sudan’s Darfur region and South Sudan to help bolster the peace agreement for the South and peace talks in Darfur.
12 December 2005

The tragedy of Niger - a personal reflection

2005 will go down as a year of struggle, deprivation and death in the Sahel. Television pictures meant the world could no longer ignore Niger’s suffering, as food shortages took their toll in a region where poverty exerts ...
8 December 2005

Doha Round must deliver commerce with a conscience

Jean Ziegler, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, warns that the World Trade Organization's plans to ban in-kind donations of food aid could worsen the plight of the world's 852 million chronically hungry people.
8 December 2005

Fish farming in Uganda provides income and food

A fish-farming project set up in Uganda under WFP's Food for Assets programme has provided poor communities with a source of income - as well as fish. This article by Peter Nyanzi was first published on the website of The Monitor newspaper.
7 December 2005

Glimmer of hope in Nairobi slums

Food aid is vital to keeping destitute, HIV-positive parents and their children in Nairobi slums alive and together longer. WFP spokesperson Anja du Toit reports.
5 December 2005

Malawi's truckers cross the HIV/AIDS awareness border

A new centre set up by WFP and TNT at a busy border crossing between Malawi and Mozambique is providing information and medical advice to the truckers in transit, a high-risk mobile community. WFP spokesperson Stephanie Savariaud reports.


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