7 August 2006

WFP operational update: Lebanon

WFP dispatches two more UN convoys as UN Humanitarian Coordinator calls on IDF to cease all actions hindering supply of relief materials; French airlift due to arrive in Beirut; Greek vessel being loaded up in Brindisi, Italy with humanitarian supplies.

6 August 2006

WFP operational update: UN convoys reach eastern Lebanon

UN convoys reach eastern Lebanon for first time; Al-Arida-Beirut humanitarian corridor reopens; food distributed in Beirut; Portuguese Air Force airlift from UN Humanitarian Depot to Beirut continues.
4 August 2006

WFP blog: a journey through Lebanon

In the first of a series of blogs from Beirut, WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge describes the difficulties involved in bringing relief along bomb-damaged roads to citizens in southern Lebanon. This report first appeared on the Guardian Unlimited website.
4 August 2006

WFP operational update: major setbacks and developments in WFP's ability to deliver urgent aid

Bombing threatens to sever vital humanitarian supply route between Beirut and Syria; C-130 Hercules flies to Beirut loaded with humanitarian supplies; Beirut-Jezzine convoy on the road; Princess Haya visits Syria.
3 August 2006

Media advisory: Princess Haya and WFP chief to meet displaced Lebanese in Syria

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, WFP’s Goodwill Ambassador, and James Morris, Executive Director of WFP, will make a one-day visit to Syria on Friday to meet Lebanese refugees who have fled the crisis in Lebanon.
3 August 2006

Statement on Gaza by United Nations Humanitarian Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory

The United Nations humanitarian agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory are deeply alarmed by the impact continuing violence is having on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza, which has resulted in a sharp decline in the humanitarian situation facing 1.4 million people, more than half of them children.
2 August 2006

Java tsunami: too scared to go home

It is two weeks since a tsunami hit Java's southern coast, but, some 10,000 people sheltering in IDP camps are still refusing to go back to their fully intact houses. As WFP's Barry Came discovered, after Indonesia's series of natural disasters, they are simply too scared to go home.

2 August 2006

WFP operational update: Lebanon

WFP plans two UN convoys to Tyre and Sidon; statement corrects August 2 WFP press release; fuel crisis deepens.
1 August 2006

Saudi Arabia donates US$2 million to Lebanon relief

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has donated US$2 million to support the food relief efforts of WFP in Lebanon.
31 July 2006

Eyewitness: WFP staff besieged in their Beirut office

When hundreds of angry protestors stormed the UN offices in Beruit on 30th July, WFP staff fled to the depths of the building as the mob trashed offices on floors above them. WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge was one of those trapped below ground…


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