6 November 2006

Mohamed Aboutrika: scoring against poverty

Mohammad Aboutrika, the star of Al Ahly club, is not only a shining star in Egypt’s national team and leading football club, but also someone who works unobtrusively to help the poor and needy through his charity work.
3 November 2006

Japan donates US$1.2 million to help WFP consolidate peace in Mindanao

In a boost for the peace building process in Mindanao, WFP has welcomed an announcement by the Government of Japan to donate US$1.2 million (JPY140 million) to assist 2.1 million conflict-affected people in Mindanao.
2 November 2006

WFP has welcomed China’s first donation

WFP has welcomed China’s first donation of US $1.75 million since its graduation from food aid at the end of last year.
31 October 2006

Japan donates US$4.2 million to help WFP consolidate peace in Afghanistan and the Philippines

WFP has welcomed an announcement by the Government of Japan to donate US$4.2 million (JPY490 million) to projects assisting a total of 10 million people in Afghanistan and the Philippines (Mindanao).
27 October 2006

WFP makes flash appeal for Somali refugees in Kenya

WFP has launched a flash appeal to cope with waves of Somali refugees who are fleeing to camps in northern Kenya amid fears of an escalation of violence in Somalia.
20 October 2006

WFP welcomes Malaysia's Ramadan contribution for Lebanon

While fasting during the daylight hours and eating small meals in the evening, many Malaysians are remembering those in need, especially those Lebanese displaced by the recent conflict in Lebanon and requiring food assistance during the recovery period from the damage of the month-long conflict.
13 October 2006

Ugandans fall hook line and sinker for WFP fish

Ugandans take up fishing in a WFP food for assets project. WFP spokesperson, Lydia Wamala, looks at how participants increase their income while having a good supply of fish for their families' dinners.

11 October 2006

Seeds of hope sprout in Darfur

By providing seeds, tools and food rations, WFP's "Food for Seed Protection" helps Sudanese farmers grow crops which enable them to face the precarious "hunger season" and gain some independence. Farmers tell Emilia Casella how the project makes a difference to their lives.

9 October 2006

Luxembourg steps up funding for hungry poor around the world

WFP has welcomed a significant new donation of €5.6 million from the government of Luxembourg. With a total contribution this year of €9.6 million, Luxembourg is one of WFP’s most important donors in the fight against hunger.
6 October 2006

Education is the key one year after Pakistan earthquake

When a massive earthquake struck Pakistan-administered Kashmir on 8th October 2005, anxious parents stopped sending their children to school. WFP's Amjad Jamal says that a WFP cooking oil ration is now making all the difference to attendance.


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