And the winner is...

For the month of November, Canadian schools battled it out for the Canadian Freerice School Challenge organized by the World Food Programme and our Canadian Ambassador against hunger and CBC Television presenter, George Stroumboulopoulos.

With 20 schools taking part, the winning group is the St. Mary Catholic School in Brantford, despite the group joining only 7 days before the close of the month-long challenge! While many of the school's students felt they'd never catch up with the lead teams, their determination (and hours of playing) put them in first place.

The school raised a total was of 1,307,490 grains with 66 members participating. A clear victory!

They win a specially designed school plaque donated by George. He is also signing and donating 10 Freerice t-shirts for the top Freericers in the group.

The real winners however, are the people of Cambodia who will receive the rice earned by all the schools. In total, the competition in Canada earned 3,755,220 grains of rice. This means that by rising to the challenge, students were able to feed nearly 200 people who would otherwise have nothing to eat. Congratulations and well done Canada!


Written by Julie Marshall, WFP Public Information Officer, Canada