Last Year Was Water, This Year It's Food

The British School of Brussels, a WFP School in Action, is doing their part to help schools in Ghana. 

The British School of Brussels (BSB), Belgium’s first WFP School in Action, will dedicate their charity programme this year to the global fight against hunger. After registering as a School in Action only two weeks ago, BSB has already began activities to kick off World Food Week - holding five assemblies on world hunger, planning a  school-wide Freerice tournament, and promoting WFP’s Fill the Cup campaign. Other charity events will take place throughout the school year, including a visit to schools in Ghana. 

Charity is nothing new for the students at BSB. With the help of  Trax, a Ghanaian NGO, last year a group of teachers traveled to Ghana and met with the school teachers, children, and community members, and came back to talk to BSB students about the needs in Ghana. After hearing about the challenges students face in Ghana, the BSB students set up a charity group that met weekly to discuss what they could do to help. By creating and selling their own limited edition bottled water called “drink and donate,” they raised enough money for a bore-hole well for Zuarungu Moshie School in Ghana.  Another 3 students cycled the length of Britain to raise money for a well for a second school, Duusi School in Ghana.  In fact, they received so much support that they were able to fund a well for a third school, Dachio School in Ghana! Now all three Ghanaian schools have a bore-hole on the school grounds so students no longer face the choice between the long walk for often dirty water or attending school.

Young boy smiling with two bottles of water in his handsThis year BSB has decided to team up with WFP and focus their charity programme on “food.” Bolgatanga is an area in the north of Ghana that has faced poor harvests and unreliable rain patterns in recent years. BSB hopes that putting gardens and providing meals at schools will be very important next steps in pulling out of poverty as well as meeting the MDG's for the schools. BSB students have been inspired by Fill the Cup campaign, WFP’s fundraising movement where all donations go directly to school feeding programmes. Through the campaign, BSB students can help keep Ghanaian children in school. With BSB students’ innovation and enthusiasm, their counterparts in Ghana can look forward to another year at school thanks to a new BSB-WFP partnership.


Written by Amanda Westfall, WFP Brussels