UK Students Teamed Up To Put Giving Back On The Menu

What if buying your daily lunch ensured that a student across the globe also received a nutritious school meal?  Welcome to a school in London where students are putting compassion on the lunch menu.

Students at St. Gabriel’s Primary School in London joined in the Really Good School Dinner (RGSD) campaign this February and used their school meals to help fight hunger worldwide. RGSD connects students across the United Kingdom in learning about the important role good nutrition plays in a young person’s education. The idea is simple: every time a student buys a school lunch, they donate ten cents to WFP’s School Meal’s Programme. 

 “The RGSD campaign" is a really good idea because it lets more children do well and have more food,” one student at St. Gabriel’s said. “They will be less hungry and be able to learn more.”

 In partnership with the UK’s School Food Trust, the RGSD campaign encourages students to think about the importance of good nutrition in their own life --- and in the lives of students around the world.

 “It is important to have a healthy school meal as it will give you energy and you will be able to learn more in the afternoon,” a St. Gabriel’s student said. “Without a healthy meal you won’t be able to learn and keep things in your head.”

 RGSD shows students that together their small actions add up to a big impact on hunger. Since the RGSD campaign launched in 2009, it has raised nearly US$42,000 for WFP’s School Meals Programme. That adds up to nearly 168,000 school meals – and lots of hope – delivered to children in some of the poorest parts of the world. 

 “The children really enjoy the fact that they can see how many pences have been donated which are going to make a difference to other children in the world,” Laura Scrawn, a teacher at St. Gabriel’s said.

By empowering students to provide nutritious meals for young people across the globe, the RGSD campaign makes a real difference in the lives of students. To see first-hand the impact a daily school meal can have on a girl’s life, check out the Molly’s World video series.

 Want to make giving back an option on your school’s lunch menu? Contact to learn how you can hold your own Really Good School Dinner.