Changing Climate...Changing Lives

For millions of people, climate change is no debate.

It’s happening—and it’s changing their lives.

Droughts, floods, dried up farmlands, encroaching deserts... This is what climate change looks like for millions of people around the world.

Though your stomach may not yet be feeling the pang of climate change, there are millions of people who's lives have been devastated by its effects.


Crops require a delicate balance of water and sunlight. Climate change does more than disrupt this balance--it destroys it. Google "crop production + climate change"....what do you get? Hundreds of links, each with their own charts, graphs, and comments from researchers and farmers around the world. Some fields are drying up. Others are under inches of water. Maybe this doesn't directly affect what you can find in your own supermarket, but for people who already live on the fringe, less rain means less food. Too much rain means no food at all. 

Thousands of WFP staff are working on the ground to help create food security in regions affected by climate change. Those affected are becoming resourceful and innovative in order to survive. 

Watch one of the following videos about how our world's hungry have responded to the changing climate. Then, comment below and tell us what you would do if suddenly your home was under water, or your food supply disappeared...






climate change

Of course,no doubt the climate change wiil affect millions of the world and the many of need will be sky rise specially the foods,so we have to take it seriously.