Hello, Gen C!

 Wondering if I’m taking to you?

Well, you may be part of this new generation if...

A mouse doesn’t crawl on the floor, it sits on your desk.
“Tweet” isn’t the sound a bird makes, it’s something you do – 30 times a day.
You know a bit about the cells in your body, but you know more about the cell in your purse.
Foursquare isn’t played inside chalk lines, it’s played—well—everywhere.

Sounds like you? Well, you may be part of what everyone’s calling Generation “C”...  C for Connect.. for Communicate..and for Change.  

Nobody needs to tell you about what it means to connect. You’re on Facebook, Skype, G-Chat, Twitter, Foursquare, and BBM 24 hours a day. You’ve never known a world without cell phones, and your research is done on the internet—who has time for the library?  You’re not bound by wires to anything. Your entire world is mobile. 

But why do you connect?

To Communicate, of course. You Tweet to let everyone know what you’re up to. You blog to let everyone know what you think. You post Facebook albums to let everyone know what you’ve done. And you "Check-In" on Fourquare to let everyone know where you are. 

Communicating online is important to you, and yet you didn’t turn into the generation of internet-addicted hermits that your parents thought you would. Congratulations!

In fact, you've turned into some of the most creative, intuitive, and tech-savvy people our world's ever seen. You're no longer just taking in what's out there, you're creating your own content: mashables, blogs, YouTube videos... and some of you are getting paid for it!

You’re chatting, talking, skyping and using these tools to get things done. You’ve completely obliterated the line between being online and living your life, because you live your life online.

And that’s not a bad thing, because of that third C.... Change.

According to research published by the About Booz & Co., you’ve done something pretty incredible:

You’ve erased distance.  

Yep, that’s what you’ve done.

You’ve re-defined the world you live in, simply by the way you connect with each other. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are from who you’re connected to, you can get things done faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. And according to all the research that’s been done on you (and there’s a lot!) that isn’t going to stop. You’re going to keep changing everything around you, simply because you can.

If you don’t like the service at a restaurant, you Yelp about it. Someone gets online, checks out your review, and goes somewhere else instead.  You blog about a great movie you just saw. Five people go see it because of you. 

You can make these kinds of changes. But you’re so connected, and you have such incredible communication power, why not change something bigger than restaurant visits and movie tickets?

Pretty much all the media you consume about World Hunger makes it seem like a devastating, horrifying, and inevitable thing. Well, it is devastating, and it is horrifying, but it’s not inevitable. It’s totally, 100% changeable. 

You’re a blogger? Post a banner to your site. Five minutes to kill? Play FreeRice and feed somebody. Maybe you can’t eliminate world hunger by blogging about it once, and you probably won’t fix a crisis with five minutes of FreeRice—but think about how many people you’re connected to. Then, think about how many people they’re connected to. There’s a massive network of people out there, passing along your message—your content—so communicate something important.  

This is in your hands. It’s your generation. Don’t let it be a hungry one.

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