The Hunger 500

How far would you go to help those in need? Would you run a marathon?


How about 17...


in a row?



Last week, Joseph Henry, a recent Master’s of Public Health graduate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham kicked off a 500-mile run from the steps of the capitol building in Washington, D.C. to the 6th Annual University Hunger Summit at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Joe is running to raise money, $100,000 to be exact, for the UN World Food Programme to help feed the 925 million people who go to bed hungry each night. Joe said that, “On a day to day basis my goal is to take one step for each person that dies from hunger and related diseases per day.”  And, he isn’t doing it alone. He has a whole team of people running with him for portions of the journey.
Joe was inspired to plan this run after attending last year’s University Hunger Summit hosted at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. He heard countless stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things to fight hunger. One story in particular caught Joe’s attention. It was a story of a man that ran three marathons in three days to raise funds for the fight against hunger. So Joe decided to kick it up a notch and run the equivalent of 17 marathons in a row!
Joe is an avid runner and has been going through an intense training schedule for the past 6 months to prepare for this event. Even with months of training, the daily physical demands are intense. When asked how he was feeling one week and 210 miles in he said, “Overall, I feel good. There are ups and downs daily, but the injuries I do have are under control at this point.”
Joe and the team are still trying to reach their $100,000 goal. If you want to help or just find out more about the Hunger 500 visit

I fell in love with the

I fell in love with the Hunger 500 idea. Joseph Henry truly is an inspiration and has a strong will to fight for hunger as a respectable advocate. If we have an idea to raise funds like Joseph did, who would we talk to, to make that happen? Thanks!

yes i can to help those in

yes i can to help those in need more then 17 even if it brinings me to death.

That was a good thing to do!

That was a good thing to do! :) im sure all of those kids appriciate it! WAY 2 GO!


it touches peoples hearts to see students joining in fight against hunger, Thank you so much, may those efforts touch many to join because they will have create a great impact.