Imperial College Red Cup Event

The Red Cup is a powerful symbol, and one that seems to resonate well on London's campuses. You've read about the London School of Economics and their Red Cup event, but we've come to find they aren't alone! Below is a letter from Kristina Milanovic about the students at Imperial College and their Fill the Cup event. Let this be a challenge to other schools around the world-- spread the world on your campus and Fill the Cup! Need some encouragement from students like you? Keep watching the blog for a video of Imperial College students and how they hope to end world hunger!

"Following a successful panel debate about the world food crisis, on Wednesday 27th October Imperial College’s Model United Nations society joined forces with Barney Iley-Williamson from World Food Programme to raise awareness about world hunger. 

Armed with red cups and WFP t-shirts our brave committee members roamed Imperial’s South Kensington campus with the aim of promoting the work of WFP and getting people online and playing games at  Luckily the joint combinations of good weather and the annual careers fair meant we had plenty of people to talk to as they were relaxing in the sunshine. 

Fund raising at Imperial is an everyday sight but we were surprised, and delighted, to find that shouts of “We just want to talk to you!” were always met with a willingness to hear us out. Just mentioning a few basic facts was enough to get the majority of people interested and talking about world hunger.  We found an astonishing number had already visited the site and were more than happy to keep playing, and those that hadn’t were quickly converted by our infectious enthusiasm.

Over the course of one afternoon each of has had talked ourselves hoarse, encouraging people to go online and get playing. Not only do I think we successfully managed to raise awareness about, and hopefully get people to donate to, the WFP but I personally haven’t had so much fun for such a good cause.  We’ll definitely encourage next year’s committee to do the same!" 


Check out the video below of their event: