Kids in Action - Amanda & Christine

As twins, Amanda and Christine share many things in common. They look alike, they play the same sports, and they both have a passion for educating people about hunger and inspiring them to make a difference.


It is this passion for teaching others, especially younger kids, which inspired Amanda and Christine, along with the rest of the Committee of 25, to volunteer with an after-school programme at a local elementary school. The Committee of 25 is the WFP club at Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama. The name comes from the $0.25 it takes to feed a child through a WFP school feeding programme.

making a hunger bracelet

They spent two days talking to the kids about hunger, making ‘hunger bracelets’ of beads and dried pasta to serve as a reminder of what they learned, and painting pictures to send to orphans in Kampala, Uganda.

“It’s important to educate younger children about hunger so that we can provide them with an early awareness of a major global issue that everyone is capable of making efforts toward resolving,” Amanda said.

young girl holding a piece of paper covered in her painted handprints

When asked how the students at the elementary school responded Christine said, “The kids really care about this stuff. They are able to imagine making a difference and are excited to be a part of something so important.” Christine added that “It is important to get kids thinking about the issue of hunger so that their ideas and compassion for the cause can start growing at an early age.”

With Amanda and Christine's help, this group of elementary students has been empowered to make a difference.

Who will you empower?


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