Making a difference one Wrinkly Pepper at a time founder and Oxford Brookes student, Chris Maddison, is feeding kids and changing lives through WeFeedback.

Read his story and learn how you can make a difference too!


I've been pretty passionate about food for a long time and always remember getting together with my friends and family to cook and enjoy a great meal, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Thai - nothing was off the menu. Despite my passion for great food unfortunately in my early twenties I fell ill and to my surprise I discovered some of the foods I'd enjoyed for years were actually to blame. This made me take a new look at food, where it comes from, who produces it and changed my perspective so much that I am now at university studying for my degree in nutrition. This experience really opened my eyes and led me to explore food in a broader context and it was during this time that I learnt about the global food system and the overwhelming numbers of people who go to bed hungry every day. This just seemed so unfair that I decided to create a website,, to help people understand how food links us all to one another and promote the fantastic work of the World Food Programme.

The people at the WFP were so supportive and encouraging of my efforts to raise awareness and told me about a new initiative they were planning called WeFeedback. As you can imagine I was first in line to get my WeFeedback website widget and created a special web page to tell visitors more about it and how they could make a difference to hungry children across the world. I was soon telling everyone at university about WeFeedback and with the help of a few posters I designed and doing small presentations in class both students and lecturers began feeding back their favourite foods.

Since the launch of WeFeedback I have been absolutely amazed at the positive buzz it's created and with the help of all those in my feedback network we’ve managed to feed 1039 children so far through my WrinklyPepper WeFeedback page.

WeFeedback celebrates food and makes fighting world hunger so much more meaningful by allowing us to see how many children we can feed with something a simple as a sandwich or pizza and as I’ve already seen, even the smallest feedback can make the biggest difference! 


Written by Chris Maddison, founder