A Special Kind of Superstar

Some people are talking about the floods in Pakistan, some people are reading about them. Some people are learning about them, and some people are signing about them. Yep, that’s right: singing

We all grew up hearing that we could use our talents to make the world a better place, and there are a group of people taking it seriously. 

Superstars “for Flood Relief” are some big-name stars who already have radio hits, but are rededicating tunes to flood victims in order to help get the word out. 

According to their site, the goal of their movement is to “stir emotions globally, and increase awareness about the devastation continually being caused by the Flood in Pakistan before the situation worsens.” Their most important aim is to “prevent a second disaster of chronic diseases, malnutrition and poverty.”  The Superstars ask fans to donate, and suggest organizations (including WFP!) for concerned fans to give to. You can listen to the songs on the site, as well as check out new artists preparing to join the cause. These stars are huge in the countries they perform in, so it's also a great chance to hear some music from around the globe!

Even though media attention has lessened, Pakistan continues to face enormous threats to life. Movements like these are important in order to keep the eyes of the world watching, the hands of the world helping, and (according to the Superstars!)  to keep the ears of the world listening.

Find out more about what the Superstars for Flood Relief are up to, and  how you can help here!



Superstars "for Flood Relief"

Dear Elizabeth, I am one of the volunteers working on the Superstars "for Flood Relief" initiative, and I would just like to appreciate the amazing article you have written for us. It is indeed inspiring to note that the idea is catching on throughout the world, and the way you have succinctly captured it in your article is brilliant and heartwarming. So a huge thank you from my entire team. Moreover, I was wondering if you or any of your friends would be able to help us in reaching out to Superstars in your country or elsewhere? Now that our initiative is being recognized and appreciated globally, we could do with help from all over the world in reaching out to these stars and having them join our global music flood relief platform. Incidently, yesterday I had spoken to the WFP Celebrity Relations Spokesperson Lionello and Spokesperson Pakistan Amjad Jamal about this, and they have been kind enough to extend support to us. Please do let me know if you can provide us with any assistance in this regard, and once again, thank you for the lovely article.