Thought for Food

Kingston University students take a creative culinary approach to speaking and learning about hunger and hunger-related issues.

Members of the Kingston University WFP Society organized an innovative awareness and fund-raising event on the 29th of October. The event “THOUGHT FOR FOOD” was in support of WFP London’s October Action Month highlighting World Food Day. The evening was focused on raising awareness about food security by bringing students together, to dine on food from different cultures prepared by the WFP Society and take part in an informal discussion on WFP's role in the fight against hunger.

“With the help of Kingston University nutrition students, who have taken a keen interest in understanding the work of WFP, we prepared a variety of dishes from countries like Iraq, Greece, Iran, Sierra Leone and Germany." says Morris Marah, WFP Society President from Kingston University.
"We also had live music performed by young London based musicians and a talk with Q&A from WFP Youth Outreach officer Andrea Paltzer. Andrea spoke about the work of WFP and the need for young people to get involved in the fight against hunger. Highlighting the vital role young people have to play in making hunger a thing of the past.
"The event engaged like-minded young students and professionals from the surrounding area with the issue and helped raise £110 in support of the relief efforts in Pakistan."
The WFP event created a link between WFP and young people in the Kingston area. "Now they feel like they can interact with the organization, learn about the issue, and help make a difference by connecting with WFP in London and getting involved in the fight against hunger, one of the great crises of the 21st Century."

appraising efforts

I firmly believe that if someone can cause a big change,it is none other than students.Its very nice that students are making eforts in such a solemn work of feeding hunger.if students are being morale it means that the coming world wil be happier.

Making Difference

Dearest Human Beings Its A Great Joy To Help A Person In Need And A Greater Joy To Share Your Own Time,Clothes or Food With A Person In Need.Lets Keep Up This Amazing Act Of Humanism And Maybe This World Will become A Better Place For Everyone After All.

Fight World hunger

The idea of the "Thought For Food" event by the Kinston University of the world food programme society is great and in the right direction. What is your advice to someone who have an idea like this, who might be wondering about how to make he or her dream come true?

I really apreciate the effort

I really apreciate the effort of WFP for arranging a good event and also of the student of Kingston Universty Students who Had showd their love and worry for the Peoples of Pakistan as well as other and for Participating in this. I reaaly like this and I hope in Future Wfp will arrange many usefull events like this for the awareness of peoples through students

hi,im a student from

hi,im a student from albania,i study public health at medicine university,and im interested in food security issues.I like the work of the kingston univesity students,ans i want to be linking with them.

That is the best idea ever i

That is the best idea ever i had a garage sale but it only raised 500 bucks I love you guyes