Two Girls Do Their Part to Fight Global Hunger

Fanny Wingårdh and Anna Nyberg, students at The Scandinavian School of Brussels (SSB) have proven that, even though they may just be two young girls in school, they can play an important role in the fight against global hunger.

As students in their final year at the Scandinavian School of Brussels (SSB) Anna and Fanny have taken on an ambitious venture to raise awareness of world hunger to their school community. After registering SSB as a WFP School in Action, they launched an extensive awareness campaign that involved making and displaying “did you know?” hunger fact posters; organizing a week-long Freerice competition, allowing students to play WFP’s online game that turns right answers into rice for the hungry; visiting every SSB class to teach students about their campaign by presenting hunger-related videos; and planning and carrying out a school-wide “Simple-Food-Day.”

plate of rice and beansOn “Simple-Food-Day,” 25 November, students were given a “simple lunch” of only rice and lentils instead of their regular lunch. Anna and Fanny informed their classmates that most children in developing countries don’t get the many options and flavorful foods that SSB students get every day. Moreover, many families don’t have the opportunities or capabilities to eat nutritious food, and without the help of organizations like WFP, many more would be suffering from malnutrition and hunger. They hoped that this vivid activity would spark students to think about global hunger.

The money saved in one day by purchasing “simple lunches” was donated to WFP. With the donations, WFP will be able to feed 1,560 children! Not only did they raise money to help feed children in developing countries, Anna and Fanny were able to demonstrate to their classmates and teachers that life really isn’t that difficult for SSB students. SSB Headmaster Kristy Lundström stated that “world hunger is actually “fixable” but we must all be aware and take action. We hope that all of our students will take up this discussion with their families and friends and help Anna and Fanny raise awareness.” Anna and Fanny hope to make the “Simple-Food-Day” an annual tradition at SSB since it is a great way to raise money and spread awareness. “We warmly recommend other schools to organize similar days since we feel that this was very effective.”

Can two students play a part in ending world hunger? These two are certain they can!


Written by Amanda Westfall, WFP Brussels