We're fighting hunger - so can you!

Get your school to join the Really Good School Dinner (RGSD) campaign this February.

How does it work?

Students pledge to have a school meal and to donate just $0.25 extra each time they do so. Each $0.25 goes directly to WFP's School Meal programme, providing nutritious meals for school children in the developing world.

The Really Good School Dinner campaign was first launched in UK schools in 2008 together with the UK government's School Food Trust. More than 200,000 WFP schools meals have been provided by school children in England as a part of the campaign. Last year, in the wake of the Haiti earthquake around 72,000 children in 148 schools in Haiti were fed through the Really Good School Dinner campaign alone.


What do I have to do?

This year we would like YOU, students of all ages around the world, to bring the campaign to your school or campus.

$0.25 provides a whole meal for a child in the developing world.

It also helps them to get an education - as many children in developing countries have to work to feed themselves instead of going to school.

YOU can help them get an education:

Choose a week in February to run the campaign.

Ask fellow students to donate just $0.25 extra for each meal they have during the campaign week.

Collect the funds and send them to WFP.


To Register:

If you're a UK school, please email info@sft.gsi.gov.uk. Send a contact name, school address, and contact email address.

Once you have registered your school you will receive a comprehensive information pack including lesson plans, top facts on world hunger, international recipes and much more.

If you're a non-UK school, please send us a contact name, school address and contact email address to andrea.paltzer@wfp.org. We will put up the best photos, videos and stories on wfp.org.

We're fighting hunger - so can you! Be a part of the solution!